Appboy enhances its push and in-app messaging with multivariate testing

Appboy has launched a new multivariate testing platform, giving app marketers the ability to test push notifications, email and in-app messaging.
The company says it’s now the first such platform that offers the ability to test six variants. So you can send out a different message to up to six user groups in order to see what generates the best engagement rates. Appboy’s messages can be tweaked and customised in a variety of ways, via headers, copy, images, colours and buttons.
When it comes to in-app messages and push notifications thorough testing is hugely important. Along with discovery, upping engagements rates is one of the biggest issues in the app world at the moment, with the majority of downloaded applications laying dormant on users’ phones. But while push and in-app messaging seem like attractive solutions, they can also go horribly wrong and end-up annoying more users than they engage. Getting the tone, content, timing and frequency of messages correct is therefore a fine balancing act.
Appboy’s CEO Bill Magnuson said:

For any marketing campaigns to succeed, there must be a perfect blend of incentive, content and design. To achieve this, you have to repeatedly test elements of your communication to discover what’s most effective. Response rates for different versions of a message for the same offer can differ wildly.

Appboy offers a mobile marketing automation platform, which basically lets developers and marketers send targeted messages to a segmented app userbase, via push notifications and in-app messages. For more info head over to the website.

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