App use increased by just 6% in 2017

Andy Boxall | January 23, 2018

App Business

Data collected by analytics company Flurry shows in 2017, app usage increased by just 6% over 2016. However, it adds users are still spending more than five hours on their smartphones per day. Flurry shows shopping apps saw the highest growth in 2017, jumping by a massive 54%.

Flurry writes:

“Compared to 2016, Flurry measured overall session app activity growth of just 6%. While growth may have stagnated, users continue to diversify their behavior while using mobile applications.”

Shopping may have seen the biggest increase, but music, media and entertainment was close behind with a 43% increase, followed by business and finance with 33%. Utilities and news apps both saw a 20% rise in 2017.

At the other end of the scale, lifestyle apps suffered a 40% drop in use, followed by games — a consistent winner in terms of revenue — with 16%. Sports apps, photo apps, and those offering personalisation all fell by 8%.