App Store featured apps account for almost one third of all game downloads

Featured apps on the Apple App Store account for almost a third (26%) of all games downloaded since iOS 11, according to new data from Sensor Tower.
The company previously found that games can see up to an 800% rise in downloads if Apple chooses to add them to its curated lists.
Meanwhile, downloads from browsing accounted for 19% of all game installs.
The Sensor Tower findings also showed that game downloads were highest in September 2017 with the release of iOS 11. Interestingly though, they’ve been higher since then.
This highlights the importance of being featured by Apple in order to increase downloads for app and specifically game developers.
Although Sensor Tower admits that that’s not easily achieved, app developers can optimise a few aspects. For example, ensuring a high app rating of over 4.5 stars by smoothing errors does have an effect. Similarly, a solid app development and marketing plan can make a difference.
Here are some guides to help get you started.

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