App revenue jumps 22% to reach $18b, and Apple widens its lead over Google

Andy Boxall

In App Business. October 15, 2018

More than $18b was spent on apps over the past three months, according to Sensor Tower’s data, which is over 22% more than was estimated to be spent this time last year. Apple has also widened its lead over Google Play.

The estimated total spend is $18.2b, a 22.7% rise over the same quarter in 2017, when $14.8 was spent. $12b came from the Apple App Store, while Google Play contributed the remaining $6.2%. Both these figures are up more than 21% over the same period last year.

The difference between revenue earned in the App Store over Google Play is now 94%, the highest recorded since 2014. This comes from fewer downloads too, with 7.6 billion apps downloaded during Q3 this year in the App Store, and 19.5 billion from Google Play.

Google’s growth is considerably more over last year, with 14.3% more app downloads, compared to a more modest 3.1% increase in app downloads from the Apple App Store.