Learn cutting edge app retention strategies [live webinar]

Artyom Dogtiev | May 14, 2019

App Business

On May 29th Vice President of Growth at CleverTap Kara Dake, Analyst from Mobile Groove Peggy Anne Salz and Director of Business Of Apps James Cooper will host a joint webinar to talk about one of the most daring app marketing problems app brands and developers face today – app users churn. The stats numbers are shocking – the average mobile app loses 3/4 of users in just 3 days and every 9 users of 10 within 30 days …

Among the topics that will be discussed are:

  • key user engagement benchmarks you need to know
  • lifecycle management approaches
  • key engagement tools
  • platforms and user flows.

Year over year, major mobile app platforms evolve and become more and more sophisticated but something remains to be a glaring issue – a high app users churn. It’s been a real challenge for app owners to retain their mobile app user base. On one hand, the number of mobile apps continue to growth, on the other – apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube own the bulk of people’s daily mobile time. There is only so much of time people can and, quite frankly, should spend on mobile. The moral – unfortunately, there is not much time left for your app.

In this environment, you, as an app brand owner, need to have a strategy for how to build healthy and lasting relationships with your app users to retain their loyalty and keep them happy.

Register to join our webinar on May 29th 10:30 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada).


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