App Promotion Summit Berlin: Preview

Peter Keung

In App Marketing. November 15, 2013

The App Promotion Summit held in London in July earlier this year included presentations from world class leaders in mobile app marketing giving attendees expert insight into app promotion and the plethora of new channels and approaches available. You can find more about the London event here:

Building on the success of the first event we’re running (alongside the amazing All Amber) another App Promotion Summit in Berlin, at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Germany on the 28th of November.
Here is a quick preview of the event, with information on our expert speakers, partners and sponsors. So whether you’re an app developer, small start up or have just gained a growing curiosity into the world of mobile apps this is an event well worth marking in your calendar.


Outlined is a brief summary of the agenda, a sneak peak into what we have to offer. Full agenda can be found here.

Once everyone is fully refreshed and ready for the days activities we will begin with the introduction of the first of 4 main areas of discussion in the mobile marketing industry.
App Stores – How to maximise visibility
Visibility in app stores is an area we all want to succeed in. With presentations from our key note speaker Stefan Bielau and case studies from Gaston Irigoyen, CEO & Co-Founder, Guidecentral and Anne-Catherine Goulby, Marketing Project Manager, SwiftKey, the morning session is sure to get you looking good in the app store.
User Acquisition – Driving installs and growth
In this session experts answer the fundamental question for every app developer, how do I get people to download my app? After religiously following the ’10 commandments of app marketing’ by Diego Meller CEO, Jampp, a range of experts will take you through best practices in customer life time value, Facebook and retargeting your installed base.
Lessons Learnt – How successful apps and games approach app marketing
It’s obvious, the best advice in successful app marketing strategies comes from people with highly successful apps currently on the market. This is why we have pooled together members of the mobile app industry that have witnessed great success and are here to teach you the lessons learnt. The session begins with ’10 lessons for app marketers: From on-boarding to successful launch’ by Stefanie Hoffman, CEO, loui Apps, you will then follow several case studies as they guide you down the path of effective marketing.
The Next Wave – Going global, social and new approaches
As economies grow and mobile spreads it’s way across the globe, new markets are appearing on a daily basis, accessing theses emerging markets and reaching the global community is key to an apps success. After all your app may be confined to the dimensions of the device but its reach is limitless. In this 4th and final session you’ll hear stories of international opportunities, social media potential and new approaches.


We have found speakers from across the globe, each with their own unique background and story to tell. Below is an introduction to the speakers that will be joining us in Berlin.
Stefanie Hoffman
Stefanie-HoffmannStefanie Hoffmann is a founding member of the MLOVE advisory board, honorary judge at the Lovie Awards, and Europe´s leading mind in Facebook companion apps. She recently launched an iOS application called Gabi, backed by a small international team of media celebrities.
Markus Von Der Luehe
Markus-von-der-LueheMarkus is the Country Manager for Adknowledge Germany and is responsible for the DACH region. He has had a long standing career in mobile and digital marketing. His work has sent him far and wide, building international relationships in some of the technology capitals of the world.
Peggy Anne Salz
Peggy-Anne-SalzPeggy Anne Salz is the chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove. She has written countless books, which have been an essential part of any mobile marketers library. Her report, Mobile Search & Content Discovery, was regarded as the first in-depth study of its kind, her years of experience means she’s someone well worth your time of day.
Stefan Bielau
Stefan-BielauStefan Bielau is one of the world’s leading experts on App Store Optimization (ASO) and mobile app marketing, and a regular at these summits. As founder of a highly successful German mobile video and TV app, dailyme, Stefan knows just what it takes to shine in the app store. He has also been part of numerous start ups and is a well established consultant.
Frank Thellen
Frank is one of the leading European serial founders and seed investors. Frank is a regular at tech conferences around the world. His award winning work and commitment to building companies from the ground up has more than earned him a place at this summit. He has been in the business for over 20 years and with it has brought a great deal of innovation to the tech industry.
Lele Canfora
Lele works at Lovoo, Germany’s largest grossing and fastest growing social discovery app. Don’t be fooled by his young demeanour as this passionate marketer has already been described as a monetization hero. He brings with him a very sensible view on the mobile app industry, understanding that predictions often fall flat due to the fast pace and unpredictable nature of the industry.
Johanna Brewer
Johanna is Co-Founder of frestyl, a web and mobile service entirely dedicated to live music. She has a PhD in Information & Computer Sciences from the University of California, so is clearly one smart cookie. Prior to founding frestyl she designed location-based mobile interfaces for Intel and developed algorithms for scientific research at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre and Massachusetts General Hospital.
Florian Lutz
Florian Lutz leads the sales department at Trademob. Florian has explored every aspect of mobile marketing in his 7 year long career. As a key player in Trademobs 360 degree mobile advertising platform he brings with him the building blocks to create successful advertising campaigns and app content.
Julien Fourgeaud
Julien is Product Wizard (Chief Product Officer) at Transfluent, His magical skills support customers in reaching new markets through the use of native languages. He was one of the key players in the revolutionary move from keypad to touch interface at Nokia and led the major effort behind third-party integration for the N97 in 2009. For Julien it’s not about making money, it’s about supporting innovation.
Bernhard Falch
Bernhard brings with him over 15 years of marketing and business development experience in the media and e-commerce business. He has gained vast experience working for some of the biggest names in music. He currently leads Online and Mobile Marketing at Europe’s biggest online car classified site, AutoScout24.
Harald Neidhardt
Harald is the Editor in Chief and Curator of, he was the driving force behind MLOVE ConFestival a global event series that brings together thought leaders and start ups in an interactive format. Harald is regularly awarded with honorary titles from leading tech publications, such as “Top 50 CMO on Twitter” by Social Media Marketing Magazine and a “Marketing Maven” by NBC.
Chris Hanage
Chris is a big name in the world of games, a career every child dreams of being part of. He originally started his career in magazine and digital publishing before moving to Papaya in 2011. PapayaMobile provides both tools for game developers and content for players on its growing social mobile network of over 80 million users worldwide.
Kaya Taner
Kaya has always been at the top of his class and has received awards for the research he produced for his Masters in Management from ESCP Europe. On top of this he also completed a Masters in Latin American studies with a focus on economics, giving him the knowledge and experience to gain traction in some of the emerging markets in the mobile and gaming industry.
Keren Zemer
Keren Zemer is Vice President of Business at Appsfire, a premium mobile app marketing company focusing on user acquisition, user engagement, and monetization solutions. Keren has had a long standing successful career in the mobile industry, she held several senior roles in Nokia, including Head of Business Development and Product Marketing for Nokia’s Emerging Devices unit.
Diego Meller
Diego is co-founder of Jampp. he had an early start to the marketing industry when he co-founded during his studies at a university in Buenos Aires. Since then Diego has been involved in a number of successful start ups and regularly advises companies on all aspects of digital marketing.
Lena Stober
Lena is Head of Mobile at Experteer, Europe’s leading premium career and recruitment service. Lena has over 10 years experience in marketing, mobile and innovation management. She has been involved in a number of successful mobile strategies for companies and is a safe hand to hold to guide you through the world of mobile marketing.
Slyvain Gauchet
Like many of our speakers Sylvain Gauchet is passionate about start-ups and app marketing. Although he is relatively new to the industry he has already gained a great deal of experience as co-founder of Apptamin. Apptamin provides app developers with great-looking promo videos, helping them show what their app is all about in seconds.
Stefanie Eisenschenk
Stefanie Eisenschenk is the Marketing Manager at Zattoo, the leading international mobile and online TV and video service. She has vast experience in multichannel platforms and integrated marketing communications from her work with Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. Over her career she has held several senior roles including Head of Business Development at Premiere (Sky Deutschland).
Ville Heijari
Ville Heijari is the General Manager of Europe at PlayHaven, the business engine for mobile games. His success in Europe’s market has made him a household name for local mobile app develops. He brings with him over 12 years experience in the mobile industry and was involved in the marketing for Angry Birds, a record holder in the world of gaming.
Tomasz Kolinko
Tomasz bravely entered the mobile industry and an independent iOS developer.  He is the Founder of AppCodes, one of the first and most popular App Store SEO tools. He is a leader in app store optimisation, his methods have been utilised by app developers across the globe and he regularly features in publications such as KillerStartups, Gamezebo and TechCrunch.
Christian Henschel
Christian is the CEO and Co-Founder of adeven, the mobile analytics and verification company based in London and Berlin. Christian has had over 12 year experience in digital business development for major media companies. He started his career in the magazine industry, founding East Brandenburg’s most successful magazine.
Gaston Irigoyen
Gaston Irigoyen is CEO & Co-Founder of Guidecentral, a global community of makers and DIY fans. Prior to this he worked as Partnership manager at YouTube helping European content creators make big returns on their YouTube content. He has also seen a great deal of success as an app developer.
Andrea Bauer
Andrea Bauer is a leading consultant in strategy and innovation, focusing on mobile and digital media. Andrea has built strong international network working with companies such as Telekom AG, O2 Germany, Vodafone, Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and the BMW Group.

Anne-Catherine Goulby
Anne-Catherine recently joined the marketing team at SwiftKey, the number one paid app on Google Play in 58 countries with over 15 million downloads. Obviously a dab hand at app store optimisation, she in charge of distributing SwiftKey in app stores. Like many great minds Anne-Cathrine has had a varied career, but she is always convinced in the power of mobile.

Partners and Sponsors

This event would not be possible without the support of our partners and sponsors, we would like to take this time to thank them for their generosity and hard work.

Event sponsor
AdParlor is one of the global leaders in successfully managing large-scale Facebook advertising campaigns.

Analytics Sponsor
Adeven is a leading mobile ad analytics and tracking solution that brings transparency and accountability to all aspects of the app ecosystem through cutting edge technology, incredible data management and the ability to make complex stats simple.
Mobile Games Marketing Sponsor
AppLift is a mobile games marketing platform, helping game advertisers acquire loyal, quality users on a CPI basis.
Lanyard Sponsor
Jampp – Mobile app promotion platform that focuses user acquisition in the Latin American market on a CPI basis.
App Distribution Sponsor
AppsFire – Global leading app discovery and distribution platform that uses a sophisticated recommendation engine and app-specific advertising technology.
Distimo – App Data provider trusted to track over 250k apps and the pioneer of appstore intelligence services
Breakfast Sponsor

Device Protection Partner
Caseable is a young and innovative company from Brooklyn and Berlin, offering customizable cases for laptops, kindles, iPads, tablets, e-Readers, smartphones and more.

Local Enabling Partner is the leading German newsletter for the mobile industry.

Supporting Organisation
The Application Developers Alliance is an industry association dedicated to meeting the unique needs of application developers as creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Supporting Organisation
Berlin Geekettes (BG) is an organization uniting, mentoring and promoting women in tech. BG offers the weekly blog series Berlin Geekette of the Week, monthly meet-ups, mentorship programs, and connects women from all areas of tech expertise.

Supporting Organisation
Mobile Brain Bank is a mobile app development powerhouse. ??We help companies to excel by creating and executing their mobile application strategies.

Supporting Organisation
MobileMonday is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices and trends from global markets.

Supporting Organisation
Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP) connects developers to information, resources and people through events, hackathons, awesome activities and online resources.

Developers Guides Provided by Enough Software
The Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy, beloved by the mobile community, was initiated and is maintained by Enough Software. The free, non-commercial guide serves as an objective and up-to-date introduction to mobile app development for developers and decision makers, alike, everywhere.
Media Partner
AppBooker – Showcase and directory for the world’s best mobile app developers, also publishes a magazine covering industry news within the mobile space.

Media Partner
AppFutura is a website where mobile app developers can register and create a professional profile, browse interesting new projects, make offers to develop them, manage payments and get valuable recommendations from clients that help build up their reputation as developers – all for free!

Media Partner
GoMo News is a must read news site for all things mobile and cellular. We add value, context and insight to stories from mobile finance, apps, barcodes, retail, trends, and technology.

Media Partner
Gründerszene is the online magazine for all digital entrepreneurs and companies in Germany.

Media Partner
The MLOVE ConFestival brings together CEOs, innovators and entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders.

Media Partner
Mobile Dev Memo aims to be a daily source of news, opinion, and analysis for the mobile industry.

Media Partner
MobileGroove is your expert resource centre on all things mobile including mobile trends, mobile apps, mobile search and mobile advertising. Led by mobile analyst and author Peggy Anne Salz, MobileGroove has become a top 50 ranked influential technology destination, providing editorial content, in-depth analysis and custom research for the global mobile industry.

Media Partner
mobiThinking from dotMobi provides everything marketers need to know to help take their brand mobile.

Media Partner
Bought to you from the team behind, the world’s number one consumer site for mobile and handheld games, is all about the industry, processes, technology and deals that drive the business which makes these games happen.

Media Partner
VentureVillage is the most entertaining news outlet for digital innovation in Europe, reporting on the hottest startup hubs across the continent.
We look forward to seeing you at the summit, with the wide range of expertise on offer you’re sure to take something away from this prestigious event.
The code 1APSMA gets 20% off the ticket price.  You can register for the event here and keep up to  date with the summit using the twitter feed.