App Promotion Summit London 2014 in Tweets

App Promotion Summit
Another App Promotion Summit has come and gone in the blink of an eye. There was knowledge to share, laughs to be had, and Pimm’s to be consumed in London’s magnificent Jumeirah Carlton Tower this year – all in the name of mobile app promotion of course! So with the inevitable sadness that comes with such a grand occasion closing its doors, we’ve prepared a selection of tweets from the event to relive it all again.
For those of you that didn’t attend this year, this is a good way of experiencing what the event had to offer as well. So sit back and enjoy #APS2014 in 140 characters or less.

App Promotion Summit London 2014

Stefan tells everyone how it’s going to be:

Excitement begins to build for the event:

Ross Sheil on app promotion through Twitter uses his favourite word:

Interesting facts ahoy:

Attendees were empowered:

Localisation is very important for App Store Optimisation:

Thanks Eric:

George moderates like a pro:

Sound advice!

Back in force:

The harsh truth about banner ads:


Test, adapt, test some more:

It’s all about finding that balance:

Attendees enjoyed the lineup:

Facebook ads are double-edged:

The Mobile Academy liked what they saw:

Key questions for mobile developers:

Analogy time:

App Store Success!

Final thoughts
So there you have it, all the action from the App Promotion Summit London 2014. The key theme of the event itself was that app promotion is a far more complex process than you can imagine. The need to test, adapt your product, and test again is absolutely essential – there are so many areas to think about and perfect. As the industry grows and matures at such a rapid pace, it’s important to keep up to date with all the latest happenings. Luckily the next App Promotion Summit returns at the end of the year, this time in Berlin. We look forward to seeing you there for more insights and discussion.

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