App Promotion Summit: adeven on tracking your conversions

This post is part of our series of articles from the App Promotion Summit 2013, taking a closer look at the event’s speakers and bringing you the key points from their talk. Click here for a round-up of mobyaffiliates coverage from the event.

adeven is a mobile ad analytics and tracking platform that focuses on transparency and accountability.  The company’s solution provides download tracking solutions and post-install KPI analytics, while its free-to-use apptrace tool gives users access to data that helps agencies and publishers understand and optimise their mobile campaigns more effectively. adeven is based in Berlin, with offices in London.

App Promotion Summit: adeven on tracking conversions

Adeven's Paul H Muller

Adeven’s Paul H Muller

adeven‘s Paul H. Muller took to the stage at this year’s App Promotion Summit and had some pretty strong things to say about tracking, putting forth a solid argument for open source SDKs. Muller also gave a few tips on the differences between SDKs and what to look out for in the ideal analytics dashboard. Here’s Muller key points for those of you who missed the event.

  • Muller says transparancy is paramount when it comes to tracking data. Developers must ensure they get to own and keep the data that is being generated, so they know exactly what is happening throughout a campaign. Transparancy also means developers should know how the tracking technology actually works. Muller uses the example of user privacy to illustrate his point. If an SDK is compromising your users privacy – and you have no way of finding this out for yourself – then it could be a PR disaster just waiting to happen.
  • Muller therefore advises developers to “run away” from any company that wants to put a compiled SDK into your app. Compiled SDKs are basically black boxes, he says, which are usually poorly made. If something goes wrong within the SDK, you can’t fix it, and it can’t be audited.
  • Developers should therefore look toward open source SDKs. This gives you more control over what is going on inside your app and lets you see exactly where any errors may crop-up.
  • Muller also advises developers to use a third party independent tracking company to measure downloads, and not to rely on a partner who is also selling you downloads. This firstly presents a conflict of interests, says Muller, and could also lead to your data being stuck with one company, so you can’t compare it if you decide to switch to another source.
  • Muller’s final point concerns analytics dashboards. He believes most dashboards out there do not display much relevant and useful information to developers and says comparable data is what really matters. In order to acheive this dashboards must be able to normalise timeframes, breaking down how much say a user spends over say 30 days, or five days.

Check out adeven’s website and click here for more mobyaffiliates coverage of this year’s App Promotion Summit. 

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