App Promotion Summit 2013: Preview

If you’re a developer or mobile marketing industry professional then July 11 is a date you’ll want to mark in your iCal or Google Calendar. The App Promotion Summit 2013 is coming to London and will pack some of the most impressive app promotion minds into a Kensington hotel for a day of horizon-expanding talks and interactivity sessions.
App promotion is an issue we often cover on mobyaffiliates and it’s an issue that continues to grow and evolve as the months go by. There’s a thriving eco-system of platforms, agencies and tools out there, helping developers get their apps noticed and helping users find the right app for their needs. But with over 780 thousand applications on the App Store alone, the quantity of apps – and our appetite for them – still outstrips the capabilities of any one solution to really fix the problem.
It’s therefore become essential for developers to familiarise themselves with a variety of tools and techniques if they want to get their apps noticed. Whether it’s learning about App Store Optimisation, using a cross exchange platform, or understanding RTB and demand side platforms, there’s a myriad of ways for developers to make – and lose – money.
This why we’ve create the App Promotion Summit – a full-day educational conference, where you can get up close and personal with the key movers and shakers in the app promotion business. This is chance for developers to get a comprehensive and intensive overview of the current and future app promotion landscape and learn key techniques for acquiring users and monetising effectively. By the end of the conference, we’re confident you’ll come away brimming with new ideas to implement and new avenues to venture down.
App Promotion Summit, Key Takeaways:

  • How to leverage mobile advertising and media buying
  • The ins and outs of cross promotion and exchange networks
  • How to implement App Store Optimisation
  • Getting your app coverage from specialist press
  • The benefits of App Discovery Platforms

During the summit you’ll get the chance to watch presentations, take part in round-table discussion and build relationships with a variety of stakeholders in the industry.
What are you waiting for? To register for the App Promotion Summit head over to the official site today and use the code 1APSMA for a 20% discount.

App Promotion Summit Agenda

Given the sprawling nature of the app promotion issue, there’s a lot to cram in. Here’s what our full day schedule will look like. You can take a more detailed look at the agenda, with all the times and talks, right here on the official App Promotion Summit website.

The Mobile App Marketing Challenge

We’ll begin with an introductory talk from Distimo’s Richard Pidgeon covering the growth of the mobile app market, the star performers and the revenue opportunities for specific app market sectors. Then we’ll move on to our first topic of the day.

App Stores – How to Cut Through the Clutter



App consultant Stefan Bielau.

Our first topic concerns apps stores and we start with a talks from consultant Stefan Bielau and Dimoso director James Kaye. Stefan will walk us through App Store Optimsation, covering how to drive search volumes, boost conversions, understand app store algorithms and more. We don’t need to tell you how important ASO is becoming to developers and how quickly it is evolving. Following a few simple tips and techniques can really increase your app’s chances of getting noticed – so this is an essential talk to catch.
App store success
After Stefan’s talk, James will run through his top 10 tips for app store success, covering traditional PR and marketing techniques. You’ll get an inside peak at what app store owners are looking for, how the ‘App Store Funnel’ works and how to reach and communicate with the media.
We’ll round-up with an interactivity session on how leverage app stores to your advantage with Heroes of Mobile founder Helen Keegan, AppsFire CEO Ouriel Ohanen, Maureen Scott from Ether Books, Adrienne Gauldie from App Annie and AppLift CEO Kaya Taner. During the session you’ll get to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Mobile advertising and media buying

Managing app promotion campaigns

Yodel's Mick Rigby discusses tracking app campaigns

Yodel’s Mick Rigby.

Our second topic of the day takes us into the rather arcane world of mobile advertising and media buying. We’ll begin with a talk from Yodel Mobile founder Mick Rigby on how to plan, manage and track an app promotion campaign. This is vital stuff if you’re thinking of using Real Time Bidding platforms and exchanges, which is becoming incredibly popular with developers – especially if your app genre isn’t a good fit for cross promo networks.
Ad tracking
Next is a talk from Paul H. Muller, CTO of Adeven, on mobile ad tracking. Here you’ll get a straightforward introduction on how to track your ad campaigns, alternatives to using cookies – such as fingerprinting and server side tracking – and optimising your buying for ARPU and active users. Essential stuff if you’re thinking of running an ad network campaign.
Using messaging
Paul is followed by Ivan Maksic, regional manager of Infobip, on how to use SMS and messaging to reach and retain app users. Messaging is such an overlooked aspect of mobile advertising, so
Infobip's Ivanc Maksic will teach you all need to know on SMS marketing

Infobip regional manager Ivanc Maksic.

expect to get a unique insight into how it can help your marketing goals. Ivan will discuss conversion rates using messaging, using number databases to power app marketing and retaining users with messaging techniques.
We’ll round-up with an interactivity session featuring the director of the Mobile Partnership Agency, Berenice Kalan, Mojiva‘s Nick Marsh, Noemi McKee from Surikate, Mobpartner’s Cristina Constandache and Rube Huljev from Infobip. They’ll be taking part in roundtable discussions on how to get ROI on your app marketing budget.

App Discovery Services, Cross Promotion and App Media

App discovery platforms
After a quick networking lunch the summit moves onto app discovery and cross promotion. App discovery platforms such as App Gratis, Appsfire and Magic Solver

Edelman's mobile manager, Renate Nyborg

Edelman’s mobile manager, Renate Nyborg

are great tools to give your app a quick marketing boost and our first talk will be from Magic Solver’s CEO Emmanuel Carraud, who will walk us through how app discovery platforms work and the future of app curation.
Discovery outside mobile platforms
Next is a talk from Edelman’s global mobile director Renate Nyborg on driving app discovery outside of mobile platforms. Renate will show you how to get coverage from app blogs and review sites and how to use traditional media such as print, TV and events to get your message out there.
Cross promotion networks
Renate will be followed by Chris Hanage, Papaya’s European GM, on cross promotion networks. If you’re an app developer you’ve probably heard of cross promotion by now. Platforms like Chartboost, TapJoy and Papaya’s Appflood are growing massively and are especially popular with game developers. Chris will discuss how app exchanges work and provide tips on maximising clicks and conversions.
Social discovery
AppsFire founder Ouriel Ohayon.

AppsFire founder Ouriel Ohayon.

Our last talk in this topic will come from Loyd Mobile founder Romano Toscano on social app discovery. Romano will shine a light on how social networks are the future of app discovery and how using friends, celebrities, and brands, can help distribute your app to a wider audience.
The round-table discussions and panel will be attended by Appsfire’s Ouriel Ohanen, Berenice Kalan from Mobile Partnership Agency, Design for Social Change founder Priya Prakesh and the CEO of Teepee Games Tony Pearce.

App Engagement, Partnership and Going International

App engagement
Our last topic of the day will look at new frontiers of app promotion. AD4Screen’s co-founder Patrick Mareuil is first up, taking us through app engagement. It’s all well and good generating installs,

MobPartner's Cristina Constandache.

MobPartner’s Cristina Constandache.

but non-engaged users aren’t going to make you much money. Patrick will detail how to use notifications and alerts, email, SMS and other techniques to get users into the habit of using your app.
International outlook
Diego Miller is the CEO of Jampp, one of the most popular regional mobile ad networks, and he’ll talk about the benefits of taking your app international. There are lots of advantages to focusing on developing markets and new territories, and Diego will look at where the untapped markets are and how to localise your campaigns.
Alternative channels
Finally MindShape’s co-founder Christian Dorffer will discuss how to use partnerships and internal promotion to get your app noticed. Christian’s talk will cover saving media spend money by using alternative channels, developing distribution deals with partners and creating your own internal networks.
Jampp founder Diego Meller.

Jampp founder Diego Meller.

To round-up the topic InfoSys‘ Jennif Hiley, Amobee’s global innovation director Si Crowhurst and mobile consultant Liane Katz will hold round-table discussions on managing integrated marketing campaigns for your app.
Champagne round table: 101 mobile app marketing idea
Before our networking and drinks reception, the Wireless Industry Partnership’s Thibaut Rouffineau will pop the corks and hold a final champagne round-table discussion on 101 mobile application marketing ideas.

App Promotion Summit 2013: Full list of speakers

Diego Meller – CEO, Jampp
Kaya Taner – CEO & Co-Founder, AppLift
Mick Rigby– Founder & Managing Director, Yodel Mobile
Si Crowhurst – Global Innovation Director, Amobee
Stefan Bielau – Founder & CEO, Stefan Bielau | Consulting 
Nick Marsh – VP, EMEA Sales and Publisher Development, Mojiva
Rube Huljev – Global Partnerships, INFOBIP
Maureen Scott – CEO, Ether Books
Emmanuel Carraud – Co-Founder & CEO, MagicSolver
Richard Pidgeon – Director of Business Development EMEA, Distimo
Berenice Kalan – Director, Mobile Partnership Agency
Tony Pearce – CEO & Co-Founder, TeePee Games and gamesGRABR
Adrienne Gauldie – Senior Business Development Manager EMEA, App Annie
Chris Hanage – GM Europe, PapayaMobile
Romano Toscano – Founder, Loyd Mobile
Helen Keegan – Founder, Heroes of Mobile
Noemi McKee – Head of UK Business Development , Surikate
Liane KatzMobile Consultant
Ouriel Ohayon – CEO, Appsfire
Thibaut Roffineau – Mobile Activist, Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP)
Renate Nyborg – Global Director of Mobile, Edelman
Priya Prakash – Founder, Design for Social Change
Patrick Mareuil – Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, Ad4Screen
Christian Dorffer – Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, Mindshapes
Cristina Constandache – SVP Sales & Marketing, MobPartner
Paul H. Muller – CTO, adeven
Ivan Maksic – Regional Manager – UK and Ireland, Infobip
James Kaye – Director, dimoso
Jennifer Hiley – Senior Consultant in Digital Transformation, Infosys Lodestone

App Promotion Summit: Sponsors

Lunch Sponsor
Infobip – Global provider of mobile solutions with a focus on in-house development and partnerships with major global mobile operator groups.
WiFi Sponsor
Fiksu – Mobile app user acquisition platform that cost-effectively delivers loyal users. Also runs incentivised platform FreeMyApps.
Breakfast Sponsor
MobPartner – Leading global mobile affiliate platform focusing on performance and mobile user acquisition.
Coffee Sponsor
Ad4Screen – European leader in performance-based mobile marketing technologies focusing on user acquisition and retention.
Mobile Games Marketing Sponsor
AppLift – Mobile games marketing platform, helping game advertisers acquire loyal, quality users on a CPI basis.
App Distribution Sponsor
AppsFire – Global leading app discovery and distribution platform that uses a sophisticated recommendation engine and app-specific advertising technology.
Analytics Sponsor
adeven – Mobile ad analytics and tracking solution that offers a complete enterprise intelligence solution for apps.
Social Discovery Sponsor
Loyd Mobile – Social app discovery platform that allows users to rate apps and share them with their social network. Going live this summer for Android and Windows 8.
Lanyard Sponsor
Jampp – Mobile app promotion platform that focuses user acquisition in the Latin American market on a CPI basis.
Official Event Publication
AppBooker – Showcase and directory for the world’s best mobile app developers, also publishes a magazine covering industry news within the mobile space.
Knowledge Partner
Dimoso – Digital marketing and PR agency that’s known for its expertise in the mobile and technology industries.
Research Partner
Juniper Research – Research firm specialising in the appraisal of high growth opportunities across mobile telecoms, content and applications sectors.

Supporting Organisations

AIME – The Association for Interactive Media and Entertainment is a UK based trade organisation representing companies in the interactive media and entertainment industry.
Application Developers Alliance Industry association supporting developers as creators, innovators and entrepreneurs.
MEF – Global trade association based in London for companies trying to monetise services and products via mobile.
The Mobile Academy UK evening programme delivered by industry professionals and designed for anyone looking to learn about mobile innovation.
Prospero – Strategic advisory firm specialising in media and sports industries and advising broadcasters, rights holders, music companies and more.
WIP – The Wireless Industry Partnership is an association connecting developers with information, resources and people via a variety of events and activities.

App Promotion Summit: Media Partners

The App Show – Weekly podcast hosted by Amy Lee that focuses on app reviews, tech news and accessories for smart devices.
Apptamin – Produces professional and affordable promotional demo videos for app developers, helping them promote apps to media and investors.
Balancing Act Telecoms consultancy and research company focused on the African continent and providing data and analysis on African markets.
Chinwag – Runs the popular Chinwag digital marketing forums and Chinwag Jobs site. Also provides consultancy services for digital and social.
C21 Media Digital publisher that provides daily news and analysis for the international entertainment community.
Developing Telecoms Information portal for communication businesses operating in emerging markets. Provides news and reviews on mobile and fixed wire markets.
The Fonecast Weekly podcast show for the UK mobile phone industry. Free to download and runs every Wednesday morning, with in-depth features running every month.
GoMo News News site for all things mobile and cellular, featuring insight and analysis on mobile finance, apps, retail and technology.
Mixing Digital Full service agency for digital marketing events, communications, networking and brand-building. Publishes a widely read digital marketing newsletter. – Leading German newsletter for the mobile industry. Covers mobile commerce, market, payments and enterprise mobility.
MobileGroove – Resource centre for information on mobile trends, mobile apps, mobile search and mobile advertising.
MobiThinking Provides advice and insight on mobile web and mobile marketing, with guides, interviews and videos.
Mob76 Outlook Blog featuring exclusive news, satire and insight on the technology and creative industries for investors and entrepreneurs. – Industry spin-off of, focusing on the technology, companies and deals that drive the mobile gaming industry.
ScreenDigest – Pre-eminent media industry analysis firm covering film, television, broadband media, mobile media, home entertainment and gaming.
Smart Monkey TV – Web TV channel providing interviews on topics such as emerging business, emerging media and development 2.0.
Telemedia News – News outlet covering new media and marketing, advertising and brands, mobile apps, social networks and more.
What’s New In Publishing – Weekly e-newsletter covering the most essential developments in publishing and focusing on how publishers can harness new technologies and developments.
To register for the App Promotion Summit head over to the official site and use the code 1APSMA for a 20% discount. Register today and get expert insight on how to grow your app business.

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