App Promotion Summit 2013: In Quotes

When you put some of the greatest minds in the mobile app marketing industry into one room you’re guaranteed to come away with a thought-provoking quote or two and this year’s App Promotion Summit did not dissapoint, delivering some real pearls of wisdom to a hall packed full of developers, entrepeneuers and marketing professionals. Luckily enough mobyaffiliates was on hand to take notes, so if you weren’t luckily enough to be at the conference you can still get some inspiration. Here’s the App Promotion Summit 2013 in quotes.

App Promotion Summit in Quotes


IMAG0501_1_2Just because a media agency is spending fifty million dollars on television, doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing on mobile. Get a specialist. – Mick Rigby, Yodel Mobile

“You need to commit. You need to commit to spending the money, gathering the data, and changing the acquisition plan accordingly. You have to spend money to get the data.” – Benjamin Hansz, Fiksu

“You should run away from a developer who wants to put a compiled SDK in your app. A compiled SDK is a black box. Most of the time they are extremely poorly made. Run away. If there’s something wrong within the box then there’s nothing you can do about it.” – Paul Muller, Adeven

IMAG0514_1_2“You have to test several sources of traffic, you can’t afford to get only one. You can’t know how users will behave in the long term.” – Cristina Constandache, Mob Partner

“Ninety percent of reactions [with push messaging] occur fifteen minutes after sending. Seventy five percent of reactions occur five minutes after sending. Messaging is the world’s most reactive medium.” – Patrick Mareuil, Ads4Screen

“App Store Optimisation is not the only tool that helps you break into the top ten. You always have to combine it with certain media. It doesn’t sell a shitty product at the end of the day.” – Stefen Bielau, Bielau Consulting

IMAG0490_1_1_1“The odds are against you. Two percent of the top 250 developers on iOS are new. So that shows you the dominance of established developers.” –James Kaye, Dimoso

“Getting featured can be a double edged sword for a free app. If you are featured in the App Store you’re going to acquire a lot of users who won’t stick around.” – Meaghan Fitzgerald, 23 Snaps

“There’s a shitload of smartphones in Latin America. That’s a technical term.” – Diego Meller, Jampp

IMAG0540_1_2“Don’t jump into the pool unless you know there is water in it. Don’t just use your brain. Your users will tell you things your numbers won’t tell you.” –Ouriel Ohayon, AppsFire

“There is a future for app discovery on iPhone and Android that is about quality and is editorially driven, with a local touch. The analytics are key.” – Emmanuel Carraud, Magic Solver

“Windows Phone has the entire Microsoft machine behind it. It’s a much smaller and less competitive pool, but it’s generating downloads. This is why we’re putting resources behind Window Phone.” – Meaghan Fitzgerald, 23 Snaps

IMAG0540_2_2“The thing developers can do most wrong with apps is to think of them as just a piece of technology or software.” – Renate Nyborg, Edelman

“App Gratis probably got pulled (from the App Store) because it was too big. App discovery platforms are never going to be alternatives to app stores. They’re more of an alternative to display and search advertising.” – Adrienne Gauldie, App Annie

“App marketing is unfortunately an afterthought for many people. It’s something people don’t take seriously enough.” James Kaye, Dimoso

IMAG0529_1_2“Make sure if you have an advert that it doesn’t scream “advert”. Try lots of networks – there are lots out there. Use the ones that work. If they don’t work, drop them.” – Chris Hanage, Papaya (Appflood)

“The question is do I find the right users in a particular channel? It’s not about getting discovered, but getting discovered by the right users.” -Kaya Taner, AppLift

“An app is never perfect. If you are happy with the work you’ve done then there’s something wrong. Imperfect products are a part of the game.” – Ouriel Ohayon,AppsFire

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