App Promotion Summit 2013: In Pictures

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July’s App Promotion Summit saw some amazing talks, great panel Q&As, and insightful round-table discussions between attendees. We’ve been busy bringing you some of the key themes and insights from the event over the last week, but we thought our readers may also appreciate a few pictures from the day, especially since the conference hall was packed with a high number of unusually photogenic mobile developers, marketers and entrepreneurs.

App Promotion Summit 2013: In Pictures

2013-07-16 16.17.07

Attendees get their morning caffeine fix before the day’s talks begin.

2013-07-16 16.17.38

AppLift’s Thomas Sommer (center) talks mobile game promotion with attendees.

2013-07-16 16.17.55

InfoBip regional manager Ivan Maksic (second from right) networks before his talk on mobile messaging.

2013-07-16 16.18.14

Attendees sample the hospitality of the Jumeira Carlton Tower hotel in Kensington.

2013-07-16 16.18.29

Stefen Bileau (second from left) before his very well-received talk on App Store Optimisation.

2013-07-16 16.19.05

AppLift makes its presence felt in the lobby (must have been hot under that suit).

2013-07-16 16.19.32

The conference hall begins to fill up before the first round of talks.

2013-07-16 16.41.29

Mobyaffiliates editor James Coops kicks things off and introduces the first round of speakers.

2013-07-16 16.41.01

Distimo’s Richard Pidgeon does a fine job with his opening address, laying out the key challenges for the mobile app market.

2013-07-16 16.20.29

AppsFire’s Ouriel Ohanyon heads-up a panel Q&A along with AppLift’s Kaya Taner and Adrienne Gauldie from App Annie.

2013-07-16 16.20.55

Some of the best insights from the day came from attendees themselves, while dissecting talks during round-table discussions.

2013-07-16 16.21.54

A panel Q&A featuring Surikate’s Noemi McKee, MobPartner’s Cristina Constandache, InfoBip’s Rube Huljev and Mojiva’s Nick Marsh.

2013-07-16 16.22.42

Attendees discuss how to get the most ROI on your marketing budget during roundtables.

Papaya's Chris Hanage gives a very energetic talk on app cross promotion exchanges.

Papaya’s Chris Hanage gives a very energetic talk on app cross promotion exchanges.

2013-07-16 16.23.14

Edelman’s Renate Nyborg gives her thoughts on the future of app discovery.

2013-07-16 16.36.57

WIP’s Thibaut Rouffineau serves up the Pimms as attendees regale each other with ‘humorous’ app marketing stories.

2013-07-16 16.36.33

The day winds down, as the alcohol content winds-up, and attendees move into schmoozing mode.

2013-07-16 16.42.24

Attendees cram in some last minute networking before the day comes to a close.

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