App engagement company Bee7 generates 6.3 million app installs in three months

Android user engagement and monetisation company Bee7 first launched at the end of 2014, and during its first three months of operations, managed to deliver 6.3 million game installs for its developers, and returned an average of $9.06 per 1000 active users for its publishers. Started by game developers Outfit7, Bee7 promises to use the technology proven to work on games such as My Talking Tom such a success, by avoiding intrusive methods of app discovery advertising.
John Rankin, managing director of Bee7, said:

“We set out to create a genuine avenue for developers to grow their games and boost retention on Android and these results show it’s working. More than 3.4 million hours of gameplay from titles discovered through Bee7 in just three months shows that gamers are receptive to content when it’s relevant and doesn’t disrupt the gaming experience. The average revenue per 1,000 daily active users of $9.06 proves there is an incredible way to make free-to-play games more profitable while maintaining a positive user experience.”

Bee7 uses a simple SDK to integrate its monetisation and engagement system into an app, which doesn’t interfere with other programs in use, and drives users to instal similar games by offering rewards (such as in-game) currency for use in the original title.
How Bee7 Works
How Bee7 Works
According to analytics produced by Tune, Bee7 was responsible for the highest volume of app installs during January 2015, while gamers who discovered a new app through Bee7 racked up more than 3.4 million hours of gameplay since its launch. Additionally, 78 million rewards have been claimed by app users due to the reward system implemented by Bee7.
Bee7 has more than 200 million active monthly users, and offices in London, San Francisco, and Singapore.