Spooky news: app downloads keyword & source attribution is available now

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Posted: October 31, 2018

Are you still living in the haunted world of downloads? Still roaming around in the dark and wondering where do your downloads come from? Guessing which keywords bring you the most downloads? Or how difficult it is to rank for this keyword?

Not for long, because App Radar has a special Halloween treat for you:

Magic Features to beat the curse of uncertainty!

  • Downloads per Keyword (Google Play):
    Discover which keywords have supernatural abilities and bring you the most downloads, store view or sales.
  • Downloads per Source (both stores):
    Get a magic spell to distinguish between paid and organic traffic: Find out how users find your app or game: via store search/browse or referrer.
  • Downloads per Device (iOS):
    Look into the crystal ball and check which devices your users are using – pretty wicked, right?
  • Keyword Difficulty:
    Get real-time information on how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword. Spooky but true – you get all that for countries worldwide.

Check out the Magic Features in Action:

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