App developers still prefer in-app ads to monetise

In-app ads are still the preferred monetisation method for app developers with 49% of developers using only ads to monetise. Meanwhile, 20% used both ads and IAP, whilst 16% used IAP only and 15% were on paid subscription models.

The latest findings in Chocolate’s App Developer Survey 2019 highlight that ad mediation adoption is on the rise with 63% saying they had tried it, whilst 28% were happy to and 9% did not plan to use it in the near future.

Approximately half of developers (46%) are fully aware of the difference between waterfall and unified auctions/in-app header bidding methods, whilst 31% had a basic knowledge of it. Roughly a quarter (23%) are not yet fully briefed on the differences.

The survey among 158 respondents also highlighted some of the key concerns when monetising apps with in-app ads. These include low eCPM for 35% of respondents, followed by SDK management (33%), low fill rate (32%) and billing and payment issues (29%).

The majority of developers were still using ad mediation partners with waterfall models (59%).

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