App Developers: How To Convert Customers During Ramadan In The Middle East

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Posted: May 25, 2017

Ramadan is just around the corner and in recent years it has also become a major shopping period in the Middle East retail calendar. With mobile commerce growing in the region, now is the time for retailers to plan their mobile marketing strategy for Ramadan.
As a result of the unusual opening hours of malls and retail stores, consumers have turned towards ecommerce to get their shopping fix during the daytime. Nader Shaheen, our Mobile Marketing Expert in the Middle East, believes that the growth of mobile in the region has led to a surge in mobile shopping, with apps and m-commerce marketplaces benefiting from this trend.

Nader says: “Ramadan has become one of the most important shopping periods in the Middle Eastern calendar and with the increased trust and usage of mobile devices in the region, m-commerce is a key part of this year’s event.”

In fact, a 2016 survey from Ipsos Marketing refers to the smartphone as the region’s ‘device of choice’ with 84% of Middle East mobile subscribers using it. Also, mobile shopping in the region is moving slowly compared to others, with a PWC study showing a notable increase from 61% in 2014 to 70% in 2016. All this evidence, points to Ramadan becoming a huge opportunity for brands on mobile, but it’s important that their mobile marketing strategies are perfect to make this work.

Use data effectively

A key aspect of this is using customer data to effectively target audiences with offers which are timely and relevant. For example, food delivery services see a huge boost during Ramadan so discounts and advertising can be sent to users on mobile during the day to encourage purchases when people are feeling the strain of fasting.

Covert customers during the day

Conversion is another important consideration for any marketing campaign to be successful. With little competition from malls and physical retail outlets during the day, consumers are more likely to make purchases digitally. With this in mind, converting traffic during the day has to be a high priority as when dusk hits, families will be heading to stores to buy products and goods.

Understand what people will be buying

During the first three weeks of Ramadan people will be thinking about which gifts they want to buy for their families for the last week and Eid. This is prime time to build consideration and drive conversions as consumers will want to receive delivery before they visit their families. Again, there is a tight window so providing the right offers to attract customers is a must during this period.

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