App developers gain access to Samsung Galaxy Apps through Vungle partnership

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 24, 2018

Performance marketing platform Vungle just announced a partnership with electronics company Samsung Electronics. As part of the move, Samsung will be incorporating Vungle’s performance marketing platform form in-app video ads into its Galaxy Apps.
This means that app developers are getting access to customised promotional placements across the Galaxy Apps.
The Galaxy App store offers entertainment, gaming and productivity apps for Galaxy devices.
Rick Tallman, CEO of Vungle, said:

“Vungle and Samsung have worked in concert to create an integrated experience, including the ability to download apps directly from within the ad unit. This partnership provides advertisers with new opportunities to reach consumers while they are actively trying to discover and download new apps and games.”

It certainly seems like a good opportunity for app developers to access new promotional opportunities among customers looking for new apps. Samsung and Vungle together designed the custom in-store placements and streamlined the app acquisition experience.
The roll-out of the feature kicks off in the US and in South Korea. Consumer distribution will start in April 2018.