App developers are suing Apple in China for anti-competitive behaviour

Andy Boxall | August 11, 2017

App Business

Apple is being sued in China for anti-competitive behavior by 28 local app developers, who have secured the services of Beijing lawyers Dare & Sure to handle the case. The developers argue Apple is removing apps from the iTunes App Store without good reason, and that it doesn’t have the required legal standing to do so.

The complaint, published by the Financial Times, states:

“When companies that are important to Apple allege that certain apps infringe their rights and should be taken down, Apple will do so with very little evidence or even no evidence.”

The law firm says Apple isn’t treating developers in China in the same way as it treats developers in the U.S, or elsewhere in the world. The complaint also alleges Apple charges Chinese developers more for in-app purchases.

Apple told the FT it follows local laws and regulations, and is continuously working hard to build relationships with developers in China. This year alone, Apple removed 58,000 apps from the Chinese app store, primarily those which copied existing apps or were of substandard quality. Furthermore, it has recently removed unregulated VPN apps from the Chinese App Store.

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