App category preferences differ greatly by country, according to new app download data

Anne Freier | July 29, 2015

App Business

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According to new app download research from mobile acquisitions provider YouAppi, different countries prefer different app categories. Having compared download date from the US, UK and Germany, YouAppi found that app usage habits show some significant differences. Whilst Americans show the greatest interest in gaming (44%) and shopping apps (27%), the UK is a strong player within travel (27%). Gaming is a strong category for all three countries, with 38% of British and 32% of German mobile users liking such apps.

US and UK users prefer game apps, whilst Germans favour lifestyle apps



However, in Germany lifestyle trumps gaming by 1%. Indeed, apps such as mobil, Payback and Immowelt are big in the country.  Perhaps in line with its “hard working” reputation, the Germans favour utility apps in third place at 23%.

Moshe Vaknin, CEO and founder, YouAppi, says:


“The differences in the leading app categories between the UK, US and Germany highlight the fact that app marketing isn’t a ‘One Size Fits All’ proposition. Marketers need to effectively segment their app marketing campaigns to include country-specific targeting, and in multi-lingual markets, consider language and country-specific targeting. At YouAppi, we incorporate geographic and linguistic targeting into our Post-Install Event Analytics in order to find the most profitable app users for our clients.”

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