App bidding and real-time unified auctions are future of ad monetisation

The majority of app developers (67%) consider app bidding and real-time unified auctions as the future of ad monetisation. Almost half (48%) consider app bidding to have great benefits.

That’s according to new research from Fyber which surveyed 400 app marketers and 400 marketers on there app bidding ad model preferences.

77% of respondents also said they would consider shifting their ad model from waterfall to real-time unified auctions.

But for marketers, choosing between performance and brand advertising is no longer the main question. Instead, they are looking to split their mobile ad budgets fairly evenly between performance (49%) and brand campaigns (51%).

A similar picture emerges for app developers with 53% of ad revenue coming from brand buyers compared to 47% from performance buyers.

Around two-thirds (66%) of marketers said they knew about in-app header bidding and 60% were also aware of app bidding/unified auctions.

In terms of monetising apps, 42% of app developers consider their biggest challenge to be ensuring that ad creatives aren’t intruding on their content.

But according to 54% of app developers surveyed, personalisation of the monetisation experience is a main reason why user-level impression data is so important.

The survey also found that 53% of the app developer’s business model is made up of in-app purchases compared to 47% of in-app ads. It appears that app developers are no longer following traditional engagement rules.

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