App Annie launches new Advanced Reviews solution for app marketers

Anne Freier | December 10, 2019

App Marketing

App Annie has launched Advanced Reviews, a new solution for app managers and marketers. Advanced Reviews is part of the Intelligence solution and lets app marketers view app insights quickly and compare them to competitor performance.

The solution is powered using a Natural Language Processing machine learning algorithm. The algorithm reads, deciders and understands human language at scale to help app developers rapidly fix user issues.

An example of how Advanced Reviews can be used comes from the Domino’s app which has 3.7 million reviews on app stores. The number of reviews makes it difficult to quickly determine user feedback.

However, developers have much to gain by reading these reviews and understanding what improvements they could make to an app. For example, if an app crashes right before a user places an order, this sort of feedback needs to be understood and acted upon swiftly.

With Advanced Reviews, app developers can sift through millions of reviews within a matter of hours.

Quality app experiences are vital for people to recommend an app to others. And regular recommendations can seriously impact how an app is perceived across a store.

Reviews can, therefore, be an excellent source to determine performance issues.

Advanced Reviews also lets app marketers compare review responsiveness of competitors to their own.

It works by classifying reviews into topics first. These include “performance and bugs”, “service rendered” and “design and interface”. Topics provide developers with a snapshot of their app’s performance in terms of review discussions.

It then assigns impact scores to relevant terms, which quantify importance and sentiment of a phrase. So readable and actionable phrases are extracted for app developers to act on.

“Reviews can even uncover surprising and vital information, such as new keywords reviewers are using to define your app. These recurring keywords can roll into your comprehensive ASO strategy with the help of App Annie’s marketing intelligence suite — increasing your app store visibility and improving download conversions,” App Annie wrote in a press release.

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