App Advertising and Marketing Roundup @ Pocket Gamer Connects 2014

We paid a visit to the excellent Pocket Gamer Connects conference the other week and what a great event it was. really do have an amazing presence in the world of mobile games and managed to bring together many of the world’s leading publishers and developers and others in the ecosystem from all around the world.  The theme of ‘East meets West’ meant there were some great presentations covering markets you don’t often hear much about such as Korea, Japan and China.
Of course the app advertising and marketing companies were there in full force in the exhibition area with lots of meetings and deals going on.  We managed to speak to a few of them and its always fascinating hearing what’s going on in the industry, and how everyone is positioning themselves as the market continues to grow and evolve.  We took a few pictures of some of the stands so here’s a short ‘virtual tour’ of Pocket Gamer Connects expo area  if you’re interested in app marketing or mobile advertising.
First up our friends at AppLift were there talking to people about their suite of mobile games marketing services.  They always have the best schwag including the legendary toy foxes.  You can read their coverage of the PG Connects event here.
2014-01-21 09.10.09
The Distimo crew were also there showing off their excellent app store data and analytics service
2014-01-21 12.41.16
Sponsorpay are a company you might associate with virtual currency and incentivised installs but they are now focused on offering interstitial ads with a specialist ad server that focuses on this format with inventory from a range of different sources.
2014-01-21 12.39.42
Applifier were also up to some interesting things – they’ve launched a new brand – everyplay focused on mobile video ads for mobile games companies.  Seems like a good niche to be in right now.
2014-01-21 10.09.53
Inmobi were also there – they’ve been launching some good products into the performance and app marketing space recently such as the App Publish alternative appstore distribution service and App Galleries – an app install product.  They’re also offering more of a suite of services from creative to analytics by the sounds of it, to move away from just being an ad network, which is a difficult position to be in right now with the growth of programmatic and so on.  They also have a lot of strengths in particular regional markets so it will be interesting to see what they do this year.
2014-01-21 10.18.38
App Annie data was ubiquitous on many of the slides being shown in the main hall although when we dropped by the stand was pretty quiet – probably they were out and about doing meetings!
2014-01-21 09.56.08
Fiksu were there with some toy Boomerangs.  Apparently their ‘Free My Apps’ app discovery app is now the biggest or second biggest in the US.
2014-01-21 11.23.54
It was good to meet Felipe, the founder of Iconpeak there and hear a bit more about what they offer – really its a mix between a media buying agency and a network and they seem like a great option for apps or games that want a bit of additional help buying installs and navigating all the various networks out there.
2014-01-21 15.08.36
Finally Neverblue who are known for being a mobile affiliate network had a stand, and I found out they are the same company as Pulse Mobile who do media buying and a few other things.
2014-01-21 15.13.19
That’s it then – great to see all the app marketing and ad companies there doing business and showing why it’s one of the most dynamic sectors of the mobile and app market right now.  Thanks also to Pocket Gamer for an amazing event – looking forward to the next one.

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