Smartphones and in-app ads dominate InMobi’s traffic in France

Andy Boxall | February 25, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Research carried out by mobile advertising solutions company InMobi, and reported by eMarketer, has shown that in France, 80% of mobile ads are viewed inside apps, rather than on mobile websites. The data also showed these ads are primarily seen on smartphones, rather than tablets, and the aging feature phone has almost completely disappeared from its stats.
Smartphones represent 70.9% of the ad impressions viewed on InMobi’s network, with tablets accounting for 28.9%. This leaves a meagre 0.2% for feature phones. Hardly surprising given the wide availability and affordability of modern smartphones.
InMobi research shows smartphone and tablet advertising performance in France
Although tablets have a smaller cut of InMobi’s pie than smartphones, the popular devices have been steadily stealing ad impressions from them in France. The smartphone total for the last quarter of 2014 decreased by 7.7% over the previous quarter, while the tablet figure increased by the same amount.
Android and iOS dominate the mobile OS stats, accounting for 65.9% and 32.2% respectively. Microsoft’s Windows Phone managed a tiny 1.1% share. According to InMobi’s data, Android has been growing in popularity. It states the iPhone’s ad share dropped by 24%, and the iPad by 7.1% in France during a single quarter, but Android posted gains. Samsung sits at the top of InMobi’s device chart, with 45% of ads showing on the company’s hardware, while Apple is in second place with 32%.
In other local research, it’s shown social media is where most ads are placed, with 42% of all mobile advertising expenditure going there during 2014. This represents a 175% increase over 2013’s spend.
You can learn more about InMobi by visiting its company profile here.

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