App activity session growth was flat last year

2017 was a year of stagnation in mobile app innovation. That’s according to data analysed by mobile advertising company Flurry. The company found that overall app activity session growth was a mere 6% last year. Overall, the 6% is down from 11% in 2016. Despite the overall weaker growth, users are now spending five hours per day using their smartphones.
According to Flurry, the shopping app category increased by 54% signaling a shift toward mCommerce. Users are growing ever more comfortable making purchases using their smartphone devices and this shows in their in-app digital purchasing habits.
Meanwhile, digital wallets such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay are picking up.
The Entertainment app category came in second at a 43% growth year-on-year.
Lifestyle noted some of the heaviest decline in growth at -40%. Although gaming saw a drop of -15%, overall gamers are spending more time and money within games.
Whilst app developers are rightly concerned about app performance between devices, phablets continue to grow. They now represent more than half (55%) of active devices.

Flurry also posted data on the top 10 smartphone manufacturers. Apple is leading in terms of individual market share at 34% of active devices. Samsung held a share of 28% of active devices in 2017.
The report concluded:

Although session growth may have stalled, it has never been more apparent that mobile apps and smartphones have cemented their roles in users’ lives. While users, marketers and the tech industry drive towards what’s next, developers have an incredibly captive audience and a platform to engage them. And Flurry will be there to help drive the mobile app market forward. Here’s to 2018!

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