Antony Araujo, Head of Mobile at Kwanko Talks Mobile Marketing

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Partner Post - Kwanko The Mobile advertising network for Europe

Posted: January 10, 2017

Co-founder of Swelen, Antony Araujo is a pure digital enthusiast. After a long experience in the web, he participates in the creation of several digital companies (web and mobile). As Head of Mobile at Kwanko, Antony is now in charge of the Mobile strategy development within the group.

What is Kwanko and how are you positioned in the market?
Founded in 2003, Kwanko is a French group specialized in web and mobile online advertising. Our business : Online Performance Advertising ! In order to optimize the performance of its campaigns, Kwanko draws on the expertise of its experts and its proprietary technologies. Kwanko Mobile (former Swelen platform) is a pionner in Mobile Advertising which allows advertisers to launch branding, apps download and geotargeted campaigns to drive traffic to their stores.
Mobile Advertising Solutions by Kwanko

What types of clients do you work with?
Basically we have two types of clients: on the one hand, the Brands (direct Advertisers or Agencies) for whom we generate more sales, more leads and more quality traffic to their websites and their mobile apps, and on the other hand we help our publishers to maximize their advertising revenues.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Kwanko was founded in Paris, and now has subsidiaries in 11 cities in Europe and LATAM: Brussels, Casablanca, Hamburg, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Mexico, Milan, São Paulo and Warsaw. In 2017, we plan to open two new countries: Canada and Colombia. Kwanko’s ambition is to become a worldwide player in Online Performance Advertising.
More specifically on the mobile side, we are thinking about the Asian Market, that represents a huge potential.
What are your main tips for successful mobile performance marketing?
I would say Innovation is the key! It is the case for all industries but it’s particularly true in the mobile business. At Kwanko, we have at heart to develop innovative and creative Mobile formats that drive revenue and engagement for both publishers and advertisers, such as Native ads, Video and Rich Media formats for instance. And Innovation should go hand in hand with a strong technology. That is the reason why we recently developed our cross-device tracking which allows us to follow our advertiser’s users during throughout their digital journey. It helps us measure each device’s contribution in the purchase process and fully optimize our advertisers’ investments. We can adapt and personalize the message according to the device and we also developed our in-house trading desk which allows us to be connected to more than 90 SSPs.
What are your thoughts on ad blockers increasing usage and how do you believe we can solve this conundrum?
Yes, that’s an excellent question (laugh)! Everyday we see alarming numbers and studies about this topic, announcing the end of the digital advertising business. In France for instance, a recent study showed that 30% of the users browse the Web using an ad block software, which is huge. However, in my opinion, the adblock phenomenon is not a negative thing for advertisers and publishers and I consider that it’s a good thing for the mobile advertising industry. First, because the overwhelming majority of mobile users now use apps to access their favorite content. Now, on these supports, not only are Adblockers inefficient, but in addition, new innovative formats have emerged: better targeted content, more innovative and impacting and respecting the user experience. These new native ads are better integrated, are more efficient and guarantee a return on investment for advertisers. There is no point in wanting to beat ad block software on their ground, they have their ‘raison d’être’ and a good image for the general public, always more suspicious. The key is to reinvent and rethink our current methods to generate more attention, engagement and brand awareness.
What kind of people compose your team at Kwanko?
The Kwanko staff is composed of Digital Enthusiasts with a 100% Performance DNA! And as we work in a multicultural environment (11 subsidiaries), we hire mostly native speakers and performance experts in each market. These are the major strengths of our company and we are very proud of that! Our internal organization is composed of the Sales Force teams whose objective is to identify our advertiser’s needs, the Operational Teams who make sure campaign targets are reached, and our technical team in charge of innovation and tech improvements. In 2016, we launched the “Work” project which goal is to improve our well-being at work and our global productivity: we are rethinking and reconsidering our actual working methods, our internal tools, thinking about a new work organization but also the design of our workplace. And this project is entirely led by our staff members themselves!
What mobile devices do you use personally?
iOS and Android for work reasons, it’s mandatory! I use my smartphone during the day and my tablet when I am at home! It’s not very original sorry (laugh) but it’s a good example of multi-device and multi-screen habits which are standardized now.
What are your favourite apps?
I’m a sports addict and generally speaking Sports Apps are pretty cool! News tech apps are my favorite as well.

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