Andy Carvell wins Outstanding Contribution at 2019 App Growth Awards

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Posted: December 23, 2019

At 2019 App Growth Awards in Berlin, apart from other awards, when there were 5 contenders to get an award, there was one award that stood out – the Outstanding Contribution award. That’s right – each year we get to choose people who are the best a particular year, but at the same time we ought to recognize people who have been on the front like of app marketing innovation for years.

So who deserves a plaque in the App Industry Hall of Fame? This award is given to an individual who has demonstrably contributed to the health of the app ecosystem over a number of years. All nominees were are put forward to the panel of expert judges.

This year the Outstanding Contribution award was given to Andy Carvell.

Andy Carvell, Partner at Phiture at App Growth Awards 2019

Hats off to Andy, keep nailing it year after year, after year…💪

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