Android’s auto opt-in for push notifications improves user reaction rates

Andy Boxall | March 10, 2015

App Business


The first Push Notification Performance Benchmark report has been published by Accengage, a company developing push notification technology for mobile apps. The data included was gathered throughout 2014, and taken from the 5 billion push notifications it sent to more than 150 million global app users, throughout 12 different businesses from travel to ecommerce.

Because Android users are automatically opted-in to receive push notifications when they download and install an app, the most meaningful opt-in data comes from iOS users, where it’s not a prerequisite. According to the research, 46% if iOS app downloaders agree to receive notifications.

The most common app where notifications are accepted are ones which offer classified adverts, at 63%, while travel apps come second with 61% of users tapping the “allow” button. In joint third place, tied on 49%, is media and telecommunications. Anything related to retail of fast-moving consumer goods did worst, with the former only accepted 37% of the time, and the latter an even lower 30%.

Accengage CEO, Jerome Stioui, said:


“Industries with the highest opt-in rates include apps with strong brand notoriety, great quality of service, and transactional features or time sensitive information justifying the interest of being opt-in to receive push notifications.”

Does Android’s auto opt-in system make a difference to reaction rates? Accengage’s research shows it does, with Android easily out-performing iOS in every industry – an incredible 560% in the banking sector alone – with 10% of the best campaigns having a 20% reaction rate on Android, a considerable increase over iOS’s 6%.

Stioui continues:

“The amazing push notification performance we are seeing on Android is mainly due to the fact that Accengage has developed an impactful proprietary push notification format, displaying messages as an alert box on the home screen of the Android device, instead of a standard temporary banner that disappears quickly.”

Accengage has produced an infographic containing the key points from its research, and you can see it below.

Accengage’s Push Notification Performance Benchmark infographic


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