Android SDK released for Pepper the robot

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Mobile network SoftBank has announced the launch of an SDK for its Pepper robot platform, which will make it possible for the robot to run Android apps. The tablet mounted on Pepper’s chest will run Android, while the rest of the machine will continue to operate using the custom NAOqi operating system.

The idea is to give Pepper more functionality, and provide developers ways to monetize apps that operate on Pepper, while increasing the robot’s usefulness in more situations. It should also assist in making Pepper more appealing to businesses, by reducing the complexity of development.

Pepper the robot will run Android apps with new SDK

pepper robot

Pepper is famous for its ability to read basic human emotions, and to interact with people in a friendly and human-like way. The robot stands just over 4-feet high, and has 20 different motors inside to give it considerable range of movement.

SoftBank has sold 10,000 Pepper robots since it was released last year, but is so far limited to Japan. There’s no word on when an international release will take place. For more about how to get involved with developing software for Pepper, and to download the new SDK, visit Pepper’s website here.

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