Android and iOS app usage and retention rates vary significantly

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AppsFlyer has taken a closer look at the app marketing landscape and examined 1.1bn installs of 6,000 apps from June to December 2015. As app usage has begun to explode, the challenges for marketers are increasing. The State of App Marketing report takes a closer look at app installs and engagement to examine the differences between Android and iOS and help marketers make the most of insight on retention and conversion rates.

The report finds that app installs on Android and iOS are highest during the weekend, but whilst Android installs remain fairly constant throughout the week, iOS drops significantly mid-week, picking up towards the weekend.

Global app installs are highest on weekends

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In-app engagement is above the daily average on iOS on Sundays, whilst Android users are showing slightly more consistent usage patterns from Tuesday to Friday. Both iOS and Android engagement drops off sharply on Fridays.

In-app engagement globally

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Click-to-Install (CTI) conversion rates vary significantly on Android and iOS devices. Games are the only vertical where both operating systems experience similar conversion rates. On iOS, CTI rates are highest for health & fitness as well as business apps, whilst Android experiences highest conversion for lifestyle and finance apps.

Click-to-Install conversion rates

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Long-term retention rates are a challenge across both operating systems. Android users are loyal users of entertainment and travel apps. On iOS, social media apps score highest for retention. Marketers should focus heavily on developing successful strategies to retain their users. A great user experience is one way to keep user coming back. Pinpointing strong retention across cross-platform versions of an app helps to filter out what’s working and what’s not.

Android versus iOS retention rates

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Retention rates for direct marketing channels are fairly high across both iOS and Android. SMS are attractive for marketers engaging consumers with non-app properties such as discount offers. The high rate of QR code adoption on Android can be accounted for higher rates of QR code usage in Asia.

Retention rates for direct marketing channels

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Marketing apps successfully is tough. Retaining users is even harder. App marketers should pay attention to every detail that data can offer them in order to maximise the lifetime of their users.

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