And the most annoying mobile advertising formats are…

Anne Freier | September 3, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Screen-filling and animated mobile advertising formats are more annoying than other mobile ad formats according to a survey by the Acceptable Ads Committee, a group of independent advertisers, agencies, ad tech providers, publishers and academics founded by ad-block app maker eyeo GmbH.

A total 2,001 mobile users were surveyed in the US, France and Germany using their own mobile devices. Participants were asked to assess ads in two different ways, with ads being presented individually and next to other ad types.

In general, 43% of users rated online video ads as being very disruptive, followed by ads in apps and mobile browsers (40%) and direct email ads (32%). The least disruptive ad types included sponsored ads on social media and print ads.

Meanwhile, ad size is a critical factor for most respondents when determining how interruptive an ad may be, whilst ad content was the least important.

Although it is well known that consumers tend to use ad blockers because they wish to minimise annoyance from ads (71%), the survey highlighted that ads were also perceived as intrusive (62%), taking up too much screen space (56%) and slowing down page load times (45%).

Overall, more heavily animated and screen-filling ad types were found to be more disruptive than horizontal or mid-content smaller mobile ad types.

The study concluded that “very disruptive ad types are disliked both on desktop and mobile, whereas native ads are largely considered to be nonintrusive. In addition, ad-blocking users did not seem to classify all animated ads and some in-content placed ads as very disruptive on mobile.”

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