Analytics company Kochava adds mobile ad fraud detection and prevention to platform

Mobile analytics company Kochava has introduced mobile ad fraud detection and prevention to its platform. The new system will help advertisers avoid wasting time and money on making decisions based on fraudulently skewed data. It defines fraudulent activity as traffic that’s presented as one thing, but delivered as something else.
For example, incentivized traffic can sometimes be blended with traffic that isn’t incentivized, and bots can be used to influence performance or data. Kochava says it knows the signs, and has developed special processes that can identify these attempts.
Charles Manning, Kochava’s CEO, said:

“Today, fraud in mobile advertising is real, and it’s not only costing app marketers billions of dollars in wasted campaign spend, it’s also driving faulty campaign performance results. The problem is further compounded as this misleading data is then used by our customers to make their optimization decisions. Identifying and helping to eliminate this fraudulent traffic saves our customers money, and enhances their campaign optimization capabilities at the same time.”

Kochava’s analytical platform will benefit from the ad fraud detection and prevention feature
It’s estimated advertisers could lose more than $6b during 2015 because of advertising fraud, making it a serious concern. Possible fraudulent activity varies between advertising network, and also on the configuration of customer attribution platforms, and Kochava has spent several years looking at mobile ad traffic to find the telltale signs.
Manning continued:

“Many advertisers don’t understand the nuanced elements of how each ad network works. It’s up to Kochava as the measurement platform to know, and to do something with this knowledge to protect our customers. When it comes to fraud, Kochava knows what to look for so our customers don’t have to.”

You can sign-up with Kochava through its website here, and can learn more about Kochava by visiting its company profile here.

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