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Partner Post - Ozu Partners

Posted: July 2, 2014

Ozu Partners
Ozu Partners is a mobile marketing agency that helps app developers to promote and monetise their app through the use of customised marketing solutions, engaging campaigns and a risk-free CPI model. Ozu’s head of marketing, Raquel Álvarez Villa, spoke with us on the specific services that the company offers its partners, along with a discussion on using search channels for app promotion and her predictions on the biggest trends in the mobile advertising industry this year.
Head of Marketing Raquel Álvarez Villa
Raquel Alvarez Villa
What services does Ozu offer app publishers and developers?
First of all we offer a widget/custom offer wall for each of the publishers, both mobile and web developers. Logos, colors and customizable options are available too and our eCPM is above the industry average because we have exclusive Big Data tools. We always show the best deals for each user profile. Like the widget, we offer a banner rotator adapted to different formats established by the MMA. Another thing we focus on is exclusive offers that have chosen us as a trusted partner and we put a special effort into finding better quality users. We adjust fully to the advertiser demand and supply as we offer only the appropriate publishers to them. In addition, our API provides an adaptable solution to the needs of each client and have data in real time both for statistics and deals, which greatly facilitates the work our partners. Bringing our industry expertise and know-how of the business, our goal is to build your confidence in our marketing department. Our entire team is specialized in mobile, yes, we are mobile experts! We understand the changes that are on the market so we’re always alert to the needs of our partners. Developers also have personalized technical support and the help of our ASO specialists.
Ozu Widget Example
What sort of clients do you typically work for?
We’re currently working with partners and advertisers promoting different kind of apps, we can perform both a successful launch and an exponential growth of established apps. Our doors are open to everyone!
Do you focus on any particular geographies or markets?
No, we have worldwide traffic from all available markets.
You have a particular expertise in using search channels for app marketing – what are the key opportunities in this area and how should advertisers take advantage?
Yes, we’ve an extensive experience in search marketing, we’ve spent many years working in this line of marketing, before even starting this mobile project. In fact, we are certified partners by the major search engines ensuring our professionalism and knowledge. Search marketing is not highly valued in the area of apps, most advertisers are unaware of the benefits of this source of traffic (brand bidding). It’s thought that traffic which is accessed through search ads will reach its application for its organic positioning – strangely enough these people never come without the use of search ads. In fact, they’re numerous studies on this topic to prove it, according to a recent study by Google, 88% of the clicks that come from ads are incremental, so in the sense that these visits to the advertiser page wouldn’t have happened without mobile advertising campaigns in Search Engine.
What are the main differences between using search for online services and in mobile/ apps?
The main difference is that we can target the highest level and we’re offering an application to a user who searched for it – we know their OS and version too. We’re giving the user exactly what they want.
The view is that it’s becoming harder and harder to break through on the app stores – have you had any particular success with clients in increasing downloads and rankings?
We recently got an application to the ‘TOP’ of Google play. It took just two weeks to appear in the ‘TOP’ free of Spain and Latin America.
You work on a CPI-based model – what trends are you seeing in terms of CPI prices and how do you manage these for clients?
I don’t consider that model follows any trend, depends on the time of the app and what is needed. The most important thing is that the customer gets a positive ROI.
What do you think the big trends are in mobile marketing for 2014?
I think there are many agencies that will disappear, the market tends to stabilize, there has been a significant growth in this area. As I said a few days ago in a previous post, the entry of big players like Twitter, which binds to the trend of promoting applications such as Facebook did in its day, provide greater visibility and market success of mobile applications to which we’re all part of.
What mobile devices do you use?
I’m a bit of an iOS Fan.
What’s your favourite app / game?
I have all kinds of applications, perhaps social applications are where I invest more time though.
Final thoughts
Raquel highlights that search marketing is a key area that app developers and publishers are neglecting, and that there are many benefits to be found by investing time there. With a host of services on offer and expertise in search marketing then, Ozu Partners is proving themselves to be a good choice in the app marketing world. We would like to thank Raquel for answering our questions.
For more information visit the Ozu Partners profile on our directory.

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