Ambitious Cheetah Mobile targets global top 3 mobile ad platform position

Cheetah Mobile has set itself an ambitious, but very clear target for the near future. Speaking at a conference in Hong Kong recently, CEO Sheng Fu said he wants the company to, “become one of the top three mobile advertising platforms in the world.” It’s not the first time we’re hearing about this goal either, and his words echo that of Cheetah’s CMO, Xinhua Liu, who during the Cheetah Ad Platform launch said the plan was to become “one of the leading global ad platforms,” .
Best known for its widely installed Clean Master and Battery Doctor apps, Cheetah Mobile made its big move into mobile advertising after acquiring MobPartner for $58m earlier this year. It followed this by putting $24m into social media ad company Nanigans, and purchasing Zoom Interactive — a mobile ad company — for $30m in June.
Shrewd acquisitions and partnerships may be set to continue, after JPMorgan China’s Alex Yao joined Cheetah Mobile in July, to oversee future acquisitions and investments. The company has more than 500 million users around the world, and cooperates with 70 different smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, which used the Clean Master SDK in its new Galaxy S6.
Cheetah Mobile CEO Sheng Fu speaking at the RISE conference
Cheetah’s not giving away how it intends to reach it mobile ad goal, but in his presentation at the #RISE conference at the beginning of August, Sheng Fu talked about the importance of working globally — something that has brought its apps considerable success already. Opening offices in the U.S., for example, has helped it strengthen relationships with Facebook and Google.
According to Sheng Fu, Cheetah Mobile is now, “the biggest partner with Facebook Audience Network.”  In a separate interview, he added that “our mobile revenue increased five times in the last year. Our strategy is to build a huge user base, then use big data and build our mobile advertising platform.”
Cheetah Mobile will announce its financial results for the second quarter 2015 on August 18, potentially giving us a clearer picture of how its mobile advertising drive is progressing. You can read more about Cheetah Mobile by visiting its company profile here.

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