Amazon updates Alexa iOS app ready for influx of connected devices

Andy Boxall

In App Business. October 8, 2018

Amazon has quietly launched a redesigned version of the Alexa smart home app, with a brand new look and several new features. A new Devices tab makes organising and finding Alexa-connected devices easier than before by grouping them together under a single screen.

Owning more than one smart product is becoming more common, and Amazon itself has launched a series of new connected products including a microwave, while also selling connected doorbells, bulbs, and security devices.

Additionally, the app lets you add Bluetooth speakers to multi-room setups, and increases the usefulness of the, “Drop-in,” feature, where Alexa devices around the house can be used as an intercom.

The update has not been officially announced by Amazon, but is available for iOS in the Apple App Store now. An Android version may follow in the future.