Amazon UK with largest mobile search click share held the largest click share for paid search adverts in the UK during the 2017 holiday season, according to research by AdGooroo, the Kantar Media-owned search marketing intelligence platform.
Amazon UK captured 8.8% of mobile’s ad click share and 7.5% of desktop’s click share across popular retail keywords.
The analysis of 990 top retail keywords by AdGooroo found that 4,259 marketers sponsored the keywords via mobile search text ads. In comparison, 3,798 advertisers sponsored the same keywords on desktop.
However, just seven advertisers managed to generate a click share of more than 1% for both mobile and desktop search text ads.
Combined, their share of mobile clicks across the retail keywords was 28% and 26% on desktop.
From the table it is evident that Amazon UK had a successful lead over second-ranking competitor Argos. Currys, John Lewis and ranked in the remaining spots.

“Although Google is a competitive advertising marketplace, an elite group of well-known consumer brands are dominating the rest,” said Eric Marcy, President at AdGooroo.
“Large retailers, such as those featured in this study, have an advantage over other players in the marketplace due to their deep product inventories for which they sponsor a higher number of keywords, their larger budgets and sophisticated campaign management. They also benefit from having well-known brands that consumers are inclined to click on.”

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