Amazon takes on Unity and Unreal Engine with new AR/VR Sumerian development platform

Andy Boxall | November 28, 2017

App Development

Amazon has launched a preview version of its Unity3D and Unreal Engine challenger named Sumerian. The development platform can be used to create 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality apps for browsers, mobile devices, and dedicated headsets from HTC and Oculus.

It’s pushing the ease with which these experiences can be created using Sumerian, saying it doesn’t require the developer to have programming experience or 3D graphics knowledge to use. Everything is created from a simple to use dashboard.

Some of the features inside Sumerian include:

  • Web-based editor for scene construction, assets management and even publishing.
  • Object library including templates.
  • Scripting library built around JavaScript.
  • A library of 3D characters ready for customisation.
  • Integration with Amazon Web Services.

Developers with an AWS Account Number can apply for preview access here.
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