Amazon looks to shake-up analytics space with new AWS services

Amazon has waded into the mobile analytics space with a couple of new products for its Amazon Web Services customers.
Amazon Mobile Analytics, which is now included in the AWS SDK, ticks all the usual boxes, enabling developers to collect and visualise app usage data. This includes DAU, MAU, Session Count, ARPDAU, retention data, custom events and more.
A/B testing is now also available to AWS customers, allowing developers to simultaneously test up to five different in-app experiences, so they can check out what’s driving conversions, clicks or other events.
Amazon is offering all this on a pay-as-you-go model, similar to its AWS pricing structure. The first 100 million events per month are completely free. After that threshold has been passed, you’re looking at $1 per million events.
Mike George, VP of Amazon App Store, Games and Cloud Drive, said:

“Mobile developers really want to understand how customers are using their app. We’ve spent years at Amazon using data, analytics, and A/B testing to continually improve the experience of customers who shop with us. We wanted to bring those same advanced tools to mobile app developers to help them improve their customers’ experience.”

Amazon also stresses that because it’s offering a paid service it’s not going to ship-off developer data to third parties, unlike some of the free platforms out there (although it’s probably going to use your data for its own possibly nefarious purposes).
So if you’re using AWS for your apps Amazon’s Mobile Analytics looks like a compelling offer. The pricing structure seems very reasonable, ensuring you only have to pay if your app is popular enough for you to afford it. The analytics space has seen a bit of consolidation lately, with smaller players such as Kontagent, Playhaven, App Annie and Distimo, jumping in bed together. It’s clear why. Apple’s and now Amazon’s presence in the market means it’s time to hunker down.

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