Amazon launches in-app advertising platform for mobile developers

Amazon has launched a new advertising platform for mobile app developers which aims to help them reach new audiences. The Advertise Your App with Amazon service enables creators to distribute their app across tablets and smartphones as well as Amazon tablets. Campaigns are charged by click and start at $100.
Amazon launches in-app advertising for mobile app developers 
Aimed at those wishing to acquire loyal users, particularly those who are more likely to engage with in-app ads, the move could also incentivise developers to create apps specifically for the Amazon Appstore. A report by Newzoo found that mobile gamers use the Amazon Appstore (64%) more often than Google (37%) or other stores (41%) and are also more likely to spend money. Realising its potential, Amazon’s new ad incentive could drive sales further.
Whilst developers can distribute their apps across a wealth of platforms, for some it may make more sense to only target Amazon customers. The opportunity to be shown on the Amazon Fire tablet’s wakescreen may also bear an advantage over similar advertising offers announced earlier by Facebook to target Amazon tablets using Facebook install ads, which cannot guarantee the same impact. For users who do not have access to Amazon’s AppStore, app creators can enable Google Play Support, which let’s them download the advertised app through the Google Play store.
Amazon currently is a $28.7bn player in the US mobile-advertising industry. It holds a 1% market share compared to Google at 35% and Facebook with 17%. eMarketer predicts that US mobile in-app ad spending will reach $3bn this year, an 80% increase.
Lyn Hart, a spokeswoman for Amazon, says:

“We work with many developers to support merchandising and advertising across our platforms and devices. We realized that many more developers would benefit from this advertising and merchandising.”

The new service has been beta tested and is available now.
Advertise your App with Amazon


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