Amazon expands influencer marketing programme

Anne Freier

In Influencer. January 14, 2019

Amazon has apparently broadened its influencer marketing progamme by accepting more micro-influencers, according to a report by Business Insider.

The programme has been running since 2017 and offers influencers a cut from Amazon sales generated through their posts on social media.

Influencers can share their Amazon recommended products across their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Big names such as Mark Cuban and Jillian Michaels have previously taken part, but now the company has opened the doors for multiple micro-influencers to jump on board.

In an effort to advanced its influencer marketing, back in October 2018, Amazon engaged influencer marketing platform to develop a tool that lets the company match brands with suitable influencers.

Since then, numerous influencers have signed up to share products, product reviews and even set up groups to share items.

According to an email copy obtained by Business Insider, the programme pays a maximum of 10% for Amazon’s own fashion brand, followed by 8% for furniture. Meanwhile, video games and consoles scored the lowest at just 1% of commission.

In addition, the company offers rewards for getting someone to sign up to Amazon Business or Amazon Fresh memberships. These range from $3 to $15.

Amazon’s expansion into influencer marketing further underlines the eCommerce company’s foray into advertising.