Amazon Alexa may start featuring adverts if rumours are true

Amazon is reportedly bringing adverts to its personal assistant Alexa. It appears that the company has already been in talks with large brands such as Clorox and Proctor & Gamble to discuss product promotions through Alexa.
Now, the eRetailer is apparently testing a series of advertising formats such as videos and paid search results.
Although a spokesperson denied that Amazon would launch ads on Alexa, there have been numerous reports stating otherwise.
It’s not a far-fetched idea. After all, brands including Starbucks and Domino’s already have secured a presence on Alexa. For now, they’re just features on the system. For example, you can order a Starbucks cappuccino through Alexa.
Amazon Alexa has a strict no-ads policy in place. If the company was to start featuring ads, it’s likely to consumers would revolt and spark mass complaints. After all, Alexa is a tool of 15 million home.
Arguably, ads on Alexa could also be beneficial if placed correctly. If users are looking for certain product or need help with online shopping, ads could offer some inspiration.
Indeed, product suggestions linked to Amazon accounts would be a massive boon for the eCommerce retailer.
However, the company will have to be careful about the number of ads it schedules and their placements. Irrelevant or intrusive ads have long proven to be unsuccessful among consumers. Therefore, it’s more likely Amazon will approach any advertising on Alexa through product suggestions for shopping lists, for example.

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