Altitude Digital launches new self-service programmatic video platform

altitude digital
Publisher-first, programmatic video technology company, Altitude Digital, has rolled out its self-service Programmatic Video Platform, which lets publishers manage their mobile and desktop video advertising with a non-traditional SSP approach.
The ARENA Programmatic Video Platform empowers publishers to manage their real-time bidding process in direct contact with DSP partners. This eliminates the need for intermediate platforms and in turn costs. In addition, publishers can sell mobile and desktop inventory through programmatic direct deals, private marketplaces and open exchanges. ARENA offers third party verification vendor and pre-filtering tools. Video inventory can be expanded through a flexible outstream player.
Altitude Digital launches ARENA
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Manny Puentes, CTO, Altitude Digital, says:
manny puentes

“This monumental platform release will enable publishers to take back control of their business and achieve true independence. No more black boxes, hidden fees and unnecessary middlemen.”

Altitude recently received financing of $17.5m from Multiplier Capital and Bridge Bank, a division of Western Alliance Bank, to fund the further expansion of the platform and increase publisher adoption of the technology.
Jeremy Ostermiller, CEO of Altitude Digital, adds:
jeremy ostermiller

“Investment in the advertiser side of the business has significantly outpaced investment on the publisher side. Altitude Digital is finally giving publishers the tools to be independent and less reliant on margin takers and intermediaries. Our partnerships with Multiplier Capital and Bridge Bank come at the perfect time as we begin delivering this innovation to the publishing community.”

Altitude says it currently ranks as the fourth largest US online video advertising property according to comScore and the third largest according to Quantcast. Among the group’s significant investments are the provision of special publisher tools to fight fraud and improve ad viewability.
Ray Boone, General partner, Multiplier Capital, adds:
ray boone

“Altitude Digital has differentiated itself by putting the publisher first, and we are thrilled to partner with them in this mission to fully capture the benefits of programmatic selling as never before. Value is created when disruptive technology is delivered to an underserved market and that’s exactly what Altitude has done. Our investment reflects our confidence in the shift towards programmatic video and the vision of the Altitude Digital team.”

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