Alpha Software rolls-out offline support for its enterprise app development platform


Alpha Software has launched what it claims to be the world’s first enterprise app development environment with built-in offline support.

The ‘low-code’ Alpha Anywhere development platform now allows enterprises to create HTML5 apps that are designed to seamlessly switch between offline and online modes. So, for example, an employee may want to update a customer accounts database app on the move, but loses connectivity. With Alpha’s solution, the database can be updated offline and will sync when connectivity is restored. Meanwhile if other employees in the company updates while offline, any conflicting information will be automatically highlighted to all users.

As Alpha Software points out, nitty gritty stuff such as intelligent conflict resolution and data persistence is a frequent blind spot in enterprise apps and really needs to be ironed-out as the app dev platform sector matures. The company cites a recent Forrester Research report that argues offline support is the “most important” feature for business apps today.

Alpha Software CEO Richard Rabins said:


“Mobile business applications aren’t truly mobile if they can’t work offline. Until now, organizations were faced with a tripling of time and cost when adding offline functionality to a business app. Alpha Anywhere has transformed business application development so that developers can add robust disconnected operation into business apps with virtually no incremental effort or cost.”

As the enterprise sector heats-up, dev platforms need to constantly look for new ways to stand out from the crowd. We’ve recently seen MBaaS solutions such as and Kinvey roll-out dedicated private cloud support within a few weeks of each other. So while Alpha Software may be first out of the gate with its offline capabilities you can be sure others will follow suit. For more information head over to the Alpha Software website.

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