Almost half of women use mobile devices to shop online

Forty-five percent of women now use their phones to shop online and almost half (47%) of women plan to make half of their holiday purchases online, according to a survey of 18-75-year-old women by payment solutions provider daVinci Payments.

Convenience is a dominant factor (81%) driving women to buy online.

A considerable percentage (52%) also make at least half their online purchases on Amazon. The research also found that 69% of women are Amazon Prime members, up from an estimated 51% (eMarketer) in March 2019.

Another 52% said they would buy from reseller sites to spot designer clothing and accessories.

Meanwhile, the majority of women aren’t sure what they intend to buy this holiday season, but loyalty and discounts do influence their purchasing decisions.

Roughly 70% would choose a $100 rebate over a $50 instant cash discount on a $500 purchase.

“We live in a world where Amazon and online resellers provide a level of convenience and savings that retailers find tough to match,” said Rodney Mason, daVinci Payments’ Chief Revenue Officer. “Retailers need a mobile-first approach at every touchpoint to make the shopping experience as convenient as possible. Additionally, rebates and loyalty programs provide a significant opportunity for retailers to entice women shoppers during this holiday season. As people look to compare deals in an effort to spend less, brands need to draw them in with compelling discounts and retain their loyalty with ongoing surprise-and-delight offers focused on convenience, relevancy and value.”

Savings are also a great way for brands to boost loyalty, with 84% of women being more loyal to brands that offer savings. Price is a key factor when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

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