Almost half of marketers do not consider Twitter to be useful for brand advertising

Almost 50% of marketers are not finding Twitter particularly useful for brands. That’s according to new research by Hopper HQ, the automated Instagram scheduler, which surveyed 2,000 UK marketers on their views about social media advertising and engagement.
The findings also reveal that 79% of respondents no longer utilize Twitter for employer or client social marketing campaigns.
The leading reason for why advertisers consider Twitter to be less useful was a “lack of useful engagement” across the platform. Marketers said that there were too many trolls and negative users across the network.
Nearly three quarters of respondents said that their clients spent £0 on Twitter on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, the average ad spend on Instagram was £7,000 per month and £12,000 on Facebook. However, Snapchat isn’t performing well across this test group either with just 2% of respondents saying their clients were using it.
In addition, the survey revealed that 60% of marketing employees are now spending around two hours of unpaid work during the weekend to manage social media accounts. This equates to an average £2,436 every year in unpaid overtime.
Not surprisingly, 39% of marketing executives prefer younger colleagues to handle the social media accounts.
Hopper HQ co-founder, Mike Bandar, said,

“It’s astonishing to see just how much time marketers are taking out of their weekday evenings and weekends to work. This appears to have become a necessary evil within our industry. One respondent even said that they worked up to 20 unpaid hours out of work. It’s a testament to how far marketing agencies and their teams go to meet client needs, but also shines the light on the need for better tools and methods to increase agency efficiency.”

If given the choice to change something about social media networks, 80% said that they would prefer to see live links on Instagram and 94% would prefer an “edit tweet” feature on Twitter.
But despite social media being the most accessible and easy marketing tool, 72% of respondents said that they had difficulty in obtaining social budgets from their clients. Bandar adds:

“We know that Snapchat and Twitter have been decreasing in popularity, however to see such a small amount of people within marketing using them for client or employer marketing purposes is surprising. We know that there are fundamental issues with how certain social media channels work and how marketers can use them effectively, and I think our survey has uncovered some of the moving trends in the space.”

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