AllDigital rolls out mobile ad acceleration tool

Digital video solutions provider, AllDigital, has officially rolled out its flagship product Brevity, which transports and encodes video assets to and from any cloud at high speed. Brevity enables marketers to deliver mobile ads faster.
Brevity allows for faster deployment of mobile ads
Tim Napoleon, Chief Strategist, AllDigital, says:
tim napoleon

“Brevity automatically converts video ad creative into target formats supported by a user’s phone, providing enterprise grade compression and delivery acceleration. Creative agencies may use Brevity’s simple drag and drop interface to analyze the creative and create ad packages that conform exactly to IAB specifications.  Brevity works with professional video formats and removes any guesswork from the process of creating ready-to-traffic video ad tags that may be delivered by all major ad platforms.”

Slow loading of video ad creative is among the top problems for iOS and Android app publishers. Ad inventory within an app is fragile and if ads don’t play immediately, users will navigate elsewhere in the app or close it down. That presents a missed opportunity for app publishers and ultimately missed revenue.
John Williams, CEO, delPlaya Media, a mobile video ad network, adds:

“We see much of the potential inventory on mobile perish because it takes far too long for most networks and agencies to decision and then deliver the winning ad creative for playback. Mobile users are much less tolerant of video loading delays than desktop users. We are excited about Brevity as a mobile utility and would like to see its wider adoption to help drive more revenue for our publishers and ultimately more satisfied App users.”

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