Alex Jubien from ThinkMobile on App Deep Linking at APS2014

Jamie Giggs | August 27, 2014

App Marketing

ThinkMobile‘s Founder, Alex Jubien, spoke at the App Promotion Summit in London this year on why app marketers need to incorporate deep linking into their strategy. ThinkMobile was founded in 2013 and is a digital consultancy which specialises in mobile strategy.
ThinkMobile’s Alex Jubien talks App Deep Linking
Alex told attendees at the summit that he wanted his presentation to help give app marketers a better understanding of deep linking. Deep linking is the solution to HTTP URLs not being supported by apps. Essentially, it’s a way of opening up an app that goes directly to a specific section or piece of content – made possible by a link. This can be vital for app marketers who, for example, want to direct their users to a certain ad. Towards the end of the presentation he listed some tools that are available out there for app marketers to help with deep linking, including AppURL and URX – there are a number of good services on offer. Alex also recommended that marketers should build their own deep linking routing platform, although he stated that this was an advanced strategy that needed some considerable skill.
ThinkMobile’s Deep Linking Presentation
You can check out ThinkMobile’s presentation and slides below:

The Twitter Reaction
Here’s a couple of tweets from the App Promotion Summit about the presentation.

Thanks to Alex and ThinkMobile for giving such an interesting talk. You can find more coverage of App Promotion Summit London 2014 here and we’ll be releasing the video and audio recordings of the event soon.

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