Alberto Jurado of Billy Mobile Talks on App Users Churn Rate [VIDEO]

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Partner Post - Billy Mobile The Leading Affiliate Platform

Posted: April 3, 2017

Billy Mobile is an Advertising Network connected to thousands of traffic sources worldwide. While they work hard to deliver the best traffic, that is not their only commitment. They strive to keep their Advertisers satisfied with the achieved results by constantly developing and implementing the best optimisation tools.
The main KPI used by Advertisers, especially on mobile content CPA, is to track the Life Time Value (LTV) of their users. This means that they need to know when the user journey starts and when, once the user gets unsubscribed from the service, the journey ends. The percentage of bounced users is what is commonly called a churn rate.

How to track the Churn Rate?

The most common way to track users that subscribe to a service is by using a S2S postback tracking URL. Billy tracks the users that get unsubscribed in the same manner. By giving its Advertisers an additional postback that will report every unsubscribed user from their system, Billy is able to define the churn rate.

Why is this data useful?

Once advertisers have gathered enough data from a significant amount of traffic, we will be able to identify which sources of traffic are driving a higher churn rate. This means we can filter these sources out from the advertisers acquisition activities and keep their ROI healthy.
If they have already a benchmark of maximum churn rate allowed , for instance  15%, advertisers can ask their Billy Account Manager to block all sources with a churn rate above that percentage. This means that Billy’s system will do all the optimisation work in real-time for them, saving hours of work pulling out reports and analysing them.
If you want to find out more about the Churn Rate and the postback system of Billy Mobile, check out the video interview with Alberto Jurado, Billy’s Business Development Director.

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