Airpush makes new mobile data marketplace official – Mobi.Info

Anne Freier | September 28, 2016

Mobile Advertising
Mobi.Info, the data platform for mobile app publishers created by mobile advertiser Airpush, has now officially launched.
Mobi.Info officially launches
The platform offers a more innovative way for publishers to tap into revenue streams through its mobile data marketplace. Essentially, developers can upload their collected, anonymous user data and share it with other marketers on the global marketplace.
This has the potential to provide some vital information for advertisers at a time when data-driven advertising is everything to ensure ads are relevant and hence less intrusive. Mobi.Info isn’t exactly a standalone solution. Instead, it can be used in connection to other monetisation tools and strategies. But Airpush explains that it is a way for publishers to get some greater benefit out of their collected and anonymised user data.
User data sets can also include beacons as well as encrypted email addresses, app install and engagement data.
The new platform directly corresponds to Airpush’s goals to enable publishers to tap into revenue streams that were previously not available for monetisation. Here, Cost per Thousand Impressions is being replaced with revenue from data.
Seth Socolow, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Airpush, explains:
seth socolow

“The platform, which protects consumers via a transparent end-user opt-in, has the ability to reduce the number of overall ads that a user sees, and increase their relevance, overall effectiveness and consumer value. Mobi.Info also includes a deep integration with Freckle, a leader in the location and attribution marketing space. Freckle’s integration helps advertisers gain more valuable insights out of the consumer data generated by the platform, and obtain additional data sets from its beacon technology.”

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