Affle rolls out MAAS O6 platform to help mobile marketers maximise campaign success

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Singapore-based mobile platform company, Affle, recently launched its Mobile Audience as a Service (MAAS) platform at the MMA Indonesia Forum. The latest version, called MAAS O6 (OptiSense6), now features the propriety multivariate Optimizer which provides real-time actionable audience intelligence optimisations.
Affle launches MAAS O6
Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Affle, says:
anuj khanna

“Affle’s core strategic focus is to continuously innovate on the MAAS platform with the aim to transform the traditional marketing-tech industry with the unified platform approach, complete transparency and end-objective driven targeting & optimizations. MAAS O6 is a significant achievement of our engineering and products teams and it includes our advanced real time algorithms that fuse Affle’s audience data intelligence on top of RTB and API based integrations with almost all top mobile inventory supply sources. This solves the industry problem of cluttered and comparatively unregimented direct publishers, ad networks and affiliate networks driven supply eco-system.”

Originally released in March this year at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, the upgrade to MAAS O6 offers even greater optimisation control allowing advertisers to make better decisions.
Anuj Kumar, Co-founder & Managing Director, Affle, adds:

“Traditionally most marketers optimize campaigns only at a publisher level. This changed to an extent with Real Time Bidding (RTB), but not all supply sources are connected over RTB. With O6 we have enabled the programmatic optimization capability with ROI driven intelligent decision making across the mobile display eco-system. Marketers can now make more informed decisions with a customizable Rules Engine with easy identification and action ability on the performing & non- performing campaign attributes. With this upgrade we expect a lot more marketers and media agencies to exclusively procure, attribute and optimize all their mobile campaigns through our platform. Indonesia is the heart of our South East Asia business and we are happy to announce this launch at the flagship mobile industry event in Jakarta.”

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