Affle MD, Anuj Kumar on the Latest Trends in Mobile Advertising

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Partner Post - Affle - Mobile Ads and Apps as a Service

Posted: January 6, 2015

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Affle is a Mobile Apps and Ads as a Service Platform (MAAS) which helps advertisers and publishers maximize their mobile ad revenue. Anuj Kumar is the Managing Director and Co-founder.  Prior to co-founding Affle, Anuj held senior positions in global media and advertising companies including ESPN, GroupM and JWT. We caught up with Anuj to find out more about Affle, hear his views on the world of mobile advertising and discuss the future of the industry.
Affle is positioned as a ‘Mobile Apps and Ads as a Service’ platform – what’s the thinking behind this?  
Mobile Apps for smartphone users are a gateway to the Mobile Internet. In the burgeoning app economy we see organizations work with multiple companies/platforms to help streamline and execute their mobile app strategy. This is not really optimal as all platforms usually aim to maximize their gains and offer minimal capabilities to cross-leverage data and maximize ROI for the App Owner.
At Affle we are offering an integrated Mobile Apps and Ads as a service (MAAS) platform which ensures a singular platform to help organizations to (a) Build mobile assets like Apps (b) Promote them through our Cross Screen Ad Network and DSP inventory and optimization, and (3) Monetize them through an integrated ad serving, programmatic and direct sales solution.
The key advantage of using a singular platform is that it allows for easy cross-leverage of data which helps in driving a customized app/ ad experience leading to much greater ROI.
What types of clients are you working with at Affle?
We work with three types of clients (1) Publishers / App Owners, who work with us to build mobile apps, drive downloads and monetize their traffic through advertising (2) Commerce / Performance advertisers, who leverage our platform to drive user acquisition and transactions (3) Brand advertisers, who usually leverage our Rich Media, Video and Premium placement type solutions
Which geographies are you working in right now and where are you seeing the most growth? 
Our strongest markets are Asia and the US. In Asia we see the largest volumes coming in from markets like India, Indonesia and other South East Asian & North Asian markets.
Your ad2campaign platform is focused around big data and programmatic buying – can you tell us a bit more about it? 
ad2campaign is our integrated attribution, analytics and DSP platform. The industry has many stand alone DSP and attribution platforms but what differentiates ad2campaign is that we leverage real time campaign insights through our attribution / analytics SDK integrations and utilize those learnings to efficiently buy programmatic mobile inventory.
Thus, when an app owner is looking for app downloads / installs, what he really need is users who would engage and transact using his app. We thus help him target such users with our campaign end objective (like purchase, usage etc.) based optimizations. As the media procurement is through RTB channels, this user intelligence and the need to get ‘installs which matter’ is leveraged in real time by our bidding algorithms to decide which impression to bid for and which to ignore.
How does your mobile ad platform Ripple fit into the platform?  
Ripple is our mobile monetization platform. It helps app owners to monetize their mobile apps through rich media, video, native and banner ad units. The ad demand generation is both through direct sales and programmatic integrations. Given that we have a lot of direct publisher integrations on Ripple (many of which who also get their Apps developed on our platform), we see top global brand advertisers and app / commerce advertisers buying our inventory and rich media solutions across markets.
What’s coming up in 2015 for the company? 
The big focus in 2015 for us is in two broad areas

  • The Science of Advertising – Here we are focusing on strengthening our Big data based intelligence by leveraging first, second and third party data. This we believe is a significant differentiator for an end-to-end platform like ours. In 2015 through this data usage we plan to launch predictive algorithms which will optimize all campaigns to the most relevant users by leveraging prior usage and ‘look-alike’ audience data
  • Art of Advertising – Here the big focus for us is to launch new ad units around interactive video, native rich media and integrated App and Ad experiences.

What do you see as the main trends in mobile advertising and marketing for next year? 
The big trends as per me would be (1) Rapid growth of mobile programmatic (2) Advertisers becoming publishers (3) Mobile ads and Mobile payment integrations (4) Strong focus on ROI maximization through integration of first party and third party audience data.
What mobile devices do you use? 
It’s all Apple for me – iPhone, iPad & Mac.
What’s your favourite app? 
Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Uber & Google Maps would be the most used.
Will you buy an Apple Watch? 
Not for now. I stopped wearing watches over 5 year ago, so low chances of me getting back to it even for the smart-wears!
Thanks Anuj for the interesting insights and we look forward to seeing Affle grow in the future. Head over to Affle for more or check out the Ad2campaign and Ripple sites. 

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