Affle introduces mobile ad self-serve platform ‘MaaS Xtend’

Anne Freier | November 24, 2015

Mobile Advertising

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Mobile audience as a Service (MaaS) company, Affle, recently launched its mobile ad self-serve platform MaaS Xtend at the Global Mobile Game Developers Conference (GMGDC) in China. As an extension to its MaaS platform, MaaS Xtend gives marketers full automation and optimisation controls to maximise the ROI of their mobile spend. The launch follows a shift towards self-service platforms as advertisers prefer to work independently instead of using managed ad services.
Affle rolls out MaaS Xtend
MaaS Xtend offers a simple 4-step process to configure, manage and optimise ad campaigns. Features of the platform include precise targeting and defined KPI metrics. The company says that Xtend would soon also be integrated with MaaS platform modules such as OptiSense6 and Affle Attribution SDK in order to provide a fully integrated automated suite to manage mobile campaign launches, attribution and ROI optimisation.
Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Affle, says:

“Affle has always been in the forefront for developing a mobile market ecosystem that fosters greater transparency, control and optimization opportunities for marketers. We launched our OptiSense 6 platform last month, which catered to the Enterprise users who would use our Managed Services offerings. The current launch of MaaS Xtend is targeted to App marketers who well understand the nuances of the mobile eco-system and prefer to manage their campaigns over an integrated Self Serve platform like ours. We are very happy to launch this at one of the largest gaming events in China and look forward to MaaS Xtend getting massive adoption amongst App marketers in China and across the world. We have today rolled out an Invite Only program for this platform and intend to make it available to all our partners by early next year.”

Potentially, MaaS Xtend could target many of the 2.6bn global smartphone users, including 800m of those within the strongest markets China, India and Indonesia.
The launch is part of Affle’s strategy to help redefine the mobile media industry and shift focus towards enhanced software automation. Audience intelligence remains at the core of its focus as well as driving ROI for campaigns through a unified integrated platform.
Team Affle launching MaaS Xtend

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